UK charts: Slow start for Tomb Raider as Spider-Man reigns supreme

The finale in the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy arrived this week to an underwhelming reception in the UK.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider's Week One sales are 25% higher than its predecessor's, 2015's Rise of the Tomb Raider. However, Rise was an exclusive to Xbox platforms (at the time), whereas Shadow is a full multi-platform release.

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Nyxus65d ago

"Shadow of the Tomb Raider debuts at No.2, which means Spider-Man retains its No.1 spot for a second week. Impressively, the Sony game's week two sales are down just 42% compared to its launch week, and it's already on the brink of eclipsing the sales of the last big PS4 exclusive: God of War (boxed sales only)."

Great to hear!

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majiebeast65d ago

Lara is dead complete mismanagement of a franchise.

SuperSonic9165d ago

Disney is buying film company's left and right and now they have invaded video games.Sony was offered to buy Marvel for $25 million back then but didn't buy em. Is this Sony's way of repenting from their mistake?

Nitrowolf265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I’m glad Sony didn’t buy Marvel though.

As much as I love PlayStation, Sony has made some very questionable film decisions when it came to their Spider-Man property, just read up on all the changes and why spiderman 3 was the cluster f it was (Sam rami admits it’s a bad film and parted ways when the higher ups essentially wanted to mess up spiderman again with 4.

I don’t think this is more so them repenting, their film division is always gonna be a weird place, they just seem to allow more creative freedom when it comes to video games

nix65d ago

I'm quite surprised by Sony film division vs game division. PlayStation keeps striking gold with their IP choice and support but the film division really lacks the same commitment.

UltraNova65d ago

"I’m glad Sony didn’t buy Marvel though"

I second that. I dont know what Sony's film department is doing but I don't like it. They seem to only follow the cool new "trends" and not try lead on their own just like their PlayStation department does...I get it, its two different sections run by totally different people but damn Sony HQ should establish a baseline of quality policies that extends to all departments immediately.

SolidGear365d ago

Funny because the reboot series is the only relevant Tomb Raider games to me and I tried the original games in the 90s but I could never get into them.

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gravedigger65d ago

Surprised that Shadow Of The Tomb Raider sold more on PS4 than on Xbone. Also NBA 2K19 for PS4 outsold X1 version by a double amount. All of that in Spidey 2nd week.LOL

SuperSonic9165d ago

And all I see is Xbox on SOTTR ads

gravedigger65d ago


Reading some posts on ERA in PAL threads, looks like Xbone version of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider sold less compared to Rise Of The Tomb Raider also on Xbone at retail despite much bigger install-base. Of course, PS4 sales are up compared to previous Tomb Raider on PS4.

gamer780465d ago

ps4 has 2x more units sold? why would someone be surprised that it sold more on ps4?

gravedigger65d ago


Quote : "ps4 has 2x more units sold?"

Not in UK. This is thread about UK sales. Xbone in UK is competitive with PS4 like in US.

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rainslacker65d ago

If it's already on the brink of surpassing GOW after two weeks, then Spider-Man could end up being one of Sony's highest selling titles of all time. GOW hit something like 5 million in it's first month, and it continued to sell after that. At the rate its going, its possible that it'll surpass a lot of multi-plat titles as well.

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Ceaser985736165d ago

Also SOTR sold more on PS4 then Xbox, with Xbox holding the marketing right...

Markusb3365d ago

Already going to outsell god of war. Didn't that stay at number 1 for many weeks ?

Ceaser985736165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Ya GOW was no 1 for a Month.. That's huge... let's see if Spiderman can break that or equals it. Going to be Tough.. Next Big games coming in OCT are AC Ody. Forza. Black Ops 2 and RDR 2..

Nevertheless Spiderman will probably cross 10mil. And PS4 could reach 100mil.

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TGGJustin65d ago

Man Spider-Man about to pass God of War sales in the UK already. It's only in the second week. This game is going to be massive for Sony.

On another note almost double the amount of people bought Tomb Raider on the PS4. Guess that exclusive deal last time around didn't help Microsoft that much. People will always associate that franchise with PlayStation and buy it there.

kneon65d ago

The PS4 install base is also about double the XB1, so relative sales rates are right around where you would expect them to be.

Theknightofnights65d ago

In the UK the PS4 userbase is likely significantly higher than double the XB1 userbase, honestly. Worldwide it's about double, but most of that comes from America.

Lime12365d ago

In UK is smaller lead than WW.

Theknightofnights65d ago


Are you sure about that? In Europe a substantial lead goes to Playstation, and Playstation was the 3rd most known brand in UK when Xbox was merely the 17th.

Inzo65d ago

That may be, but ROTR for the PS4 also outsold the Xbox version and that was of the back of an Xbox timed exclusive.

nix65d ago


I've never understood the "bigger install base means bigger sales". GOW didn't sell 80 million. Halo didn't sell 80 million. Not every one buys the console to buy the most popular games. I've not bought a single cod or battlefield games. Out of 80 million PS ppl 60% probably have not bought Uncharted series.

What PS might have on its side is more people who want to buy the TR game and that's probably like 10% of the total owners.

OB1Biker65d ago

The UK is one of the strongest Xbox territory with the US.

kneon65d ago


It's pretty simple, a bigger install base means a larger potential market. You can't sell games to people that don't have your console. The percentage of gamers interested in a particular game usually isn't vastly different from one console to the other, so bigger install base == more sales.

trooper_64d ago

Has nothing to do with install base. It has everything to do with the console delivering games.

Tross64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

@kneon Even if that were true, accounting only for UK figures, the PS4 just got The arguably superior Spider-Man. I love Lara and all, but she’s not swinging through New York at exhilarating speed and altitude. Ergo, it’s really something that SotTR sales figures are so much higher on the system where people have the choice to play Spider-Man than on the one where they don’t.

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-Foxtrot65d ago

I’m guessing people like a fresh new IP with a great Marvel license

Maybe they also want a proper TR game again

Imalwaysright65d ago

Spider man is a fresh new IP? What?!

UltraNova65d ago

Strictly speaking no, but you could say it is in a way since its an entirely standalone game not tied to a film....

Imalwaysright65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


You can if you don't care about facts.

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LucasRuinedChildhood65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Spiderman is a juggernaut. It's kind of hard to judge if TR's sales are good. Substantially more gamers purchase games digitally now than they did 3 years ago. Only 25% more boxed sales (including the PS4 version which accounted for 63% of the sales) seems a bit low though.

I feel bad for the Tomb Raider developers (at Eidos this time). I've heard that Shadow is actually pretty good but this franchise has been so mismanaged that there's not as much hype for it as there probably should be. I'm personally much more interested in a good single player game like SOTTR than BO4, BF5 and Fallout 76. The breakdown in sales is proof that making Rise exclusive to Xbox was a huge mistake. Doing so has really hurt this franchise's momentum and possible trajectory.

Teflon0265d ago

Rise of tomb raiders BS, Spiderman and 2K destroyed it's chances of selling more. As it stands it's first week on PS4 seems to be lower than Rise on Xbox One and I could imagine how bad shadow is on XBO then. That's what happens when you want to take MS money over giving the game to the fans. They learn not to prioritize it. I'm sure it'll sell okay long term but until a sale, I think it's game over.

UltraNova65d ago

Selling at a reduced price its not what the publisher calls "doing ok".

Eonjay65d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider (ALL) - 42,000:
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One) - 36,000
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) - 6,000

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (ALL) - 52,000:
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PlayStation 4) - 33,000
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One) - 19,000

Automatic7965d ago

I am playing Shadow of the Tomb. I can honestly tell you its an amazing game. Please stop trying to make agenda driven comments on this website. TombRaider is going to have long legs through this holiday.

65d ago
Dragonscale65d ago

Sorry but Tomb Raider is gonna drop off a cliiff this holiday.

jimbost7965d ago

Agree with you mate. Im loving it so far. How many it sells wont affect my enjoyment of it.

CarlDechance65d ago

What comments did he make that were "agenda driven"? You are being far too sensitive.

bluefox75565d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It's a multiply, that couldn't even beat an exclusive that's on its second week.

Chevalier65d ago

The last 2 got forgotten amongst higher profile games BOTH releases and you think the 3rd one in the year you got 3rd party gems like RD2, Spiderman, God of War and not to mention juggernauts like 2K19 and COD BO4 and you think 3rd times the charm? History suggest otherwise. This one is probably headed to even worst sales. It ONLY had a 25% increase with additional platforms over the previous one when it was exclusive. Its a far bigger prospective pool of buyers so that is terrible.

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Agent_00_Revan65d ago

I also feel bad for the developers. It's being dropped in a bad spot. I'm completely hyped for the new Tomb Raider, I loved the other two. But that being said, I wanted Spiderman more and just picked it up today. Tomb Raider will have to wait.

rainslacker65d ago

I wouldn't say its substantially more. Digital purchases still make up between 20-30% of new games sales, compared to 15-25% last gen.

Inzo65d ago

"Substantially more gamers purchase games digitally now than they did 3 years ago."

Thats true but a recent article showed that more than 75% of gamers still buy physical copies so I dont think that digital will make that big of a difference.

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