Best PS4 Gaming Chairs You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

"There’s nothing quite like enjoying a PS4 game where you can immerse yourself in a different world and forget about your day-to-day stresses. However, in order to truly enjoy the gaming experience, the right accessories and equipment are crucial."

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Prettygoodgamer29d ago

My best gaming chair is the end on my bed, or sometimes the middle of it when I lay down to play

ninerguy160829d ago

Yep. Lazy boy 5 ft away from 55 in. Bingo

CyberSentinel29d ago

Ditto, with heat and message.

Nothing better.

ChrisW29d ago

I have a Panasonic EP-MA70... And while it's awesome for orgasm-inducing heated massages, it doesn't do too well for being a decent gaming recliner.

A simple LazyBoy is the way to go!

ninerguy160823d ago

Ok now need to upgrade my chair. My wife ask why I sit so close to a big clear tv. I say gotta see every single inch up close. Mofos be hiding in the bushes. Lol

ninerguy160823d ago

Notice our downvotes for our chair situation lol. Downvotes don’t affect my life but wow lol. Oh you sit close to your tv in a comfortable chair...u suck. Lol. Kids.

ChrisW29d ago

Hell yeah!!! But, I'd like to be a wee bit more specific...

A LazyBoy recliner with micro-fiber upholstery and plush arm and head rests.

MAULxx28d ago

Can anyone really vouch for any of these?

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

I just got a really good leather office chair, wish I had the one with the heat and massage functions now (and the foot rest).