Bids for MGS 4 modded PS3 signed by Kojima rise to $16k, but are they genuine? writes: A very impressive MGS 4 modded PS3 has gone on sale at eBay and its signed by the one and only Hideo Kojima. The modded PS3 features a stainless steel MGS 4 marquee, a laser etched image of Solid Snake himself and 14 white LED's to light everything up perfectly among other niceties. Bids right now are exceeding $16,000 and while the work conducted is pretty great, we doubt that these bids are now genuine. More at eBay.

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dro3704d ago

i would personaly pay that price.

that ps3 just looks to SICK
360 fanboys just admit it u would want this to be stiiting in ur living room displaying true HD 1080I blu ray movies!!!....and true HD graphics when u play wipeout HD in full HD......


ultimolu3704d ago

Holy crap. :o
Man...that is incredibly sexy.