Pocket Gamer: Samurai Puzzle Battle Review

To be honest, Bejeweled clones are ten-a-penny, and the original game was designed so concisely there's almost nothing a game developer can do to evolve the gem-swapping gameplay. Samurai Puzzle Battle holds at its core an almost basic version of Bejeweled, and therefore places itself in the long line of clones queuing up for a few moments' audience with pocket gamer's thumbs.

But this game is so much more than a clone. True enough, it's built on object-swapping 'match-three' gameplay foundations - making little attempt to alter that immortal formula. But it adds a spectacular and unexpected turn-based strategy peripheral around the Bejeweled mechanic. The match-three aspect of the gameplay is simply used to represent the many battles and achievements you secure as you wring your conquest of Japan, and the game uses it quite seamlessly to create a whole new style of puzzle/strategy gameplay.

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