Pocket Gamer: Game & Watch Collection 2 Review

In Europe, as in Japan, Nintendo operates a Club Nintendo scheme with local prizes for local people who register their DS/Wii game purchases online. But, occasionally, the rewards for Japanese gamers' patronage stretch to exclusive Club Nintendo-branded releases. The most recent of such titles is Game & Watch Collection 2, a sequel to a similar golden freebie that was put out via the Club a couple of years ago.

G&W Collection 2 contains updated versions of two 1981-vintage handheld Nintendo games - Parachute and Octopus - both of which predate Donkey Kong and Nintendo's biggest early success with its 8-bit Family Computer (the NES). It also brings a third, original game to the retro theme party in the shape of the excellently-named Parachute X Octopus, which is a mash-up of the two games in which they segue into and riff against each other.

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