GameSpy: Shaun White Snowboarding Preview

If you've been following Shaun White Snowboarding since Ubisoft announced it earlier this year, then you know just how much the Olympic gold medalist has invested in the game bearing his likeness. Although he appeared onstage at Nintendo's press conference atop a Wii Balance Board, his action sports antics are hardly confined to the Big N's white box. GameSpy has been playing the PS3 version of SWS all day, and frankly, they're wondering if Ubisoft Montreal's trying to compete with skate. They're not sure how complete the build they have is compared to what'll hit stores in less than a month, but based on the trophy installation process, they'll assume this is nearly identical to what you'll see in stores come mid-November.

+ Gorgeous-looking locales
+ Some nifty gameplay mechanics like warp points

- Gameplay could be pretty tough to master
- No testing of online features yet.

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