Samsung Blu-ray players hooking up with Netflix writes: Samsung Electronics Co. is equipping Blu-ray DVD players so they can retrieve movies and TV shows from Netflix Inc.'s Internet streaming service, accelerating Netflix's push to develop more delivery methods beyond the mail.

The deal, to be announced Thursday, could set the stage for Netflix to embed software connecting to its streaming service directly into television sets made by Samsung.

In a statement, Netflix and Samsung said they are planning to plant the streaming capability in a variety of home entertainment products. Reed Hastings, Netflix's chief executive officer, declined to elaborate on the other possibilities in an interview.

This won't be the first time that Netflix has piped its online content through Blu-ray DVD players - devices built to show movies in high-definition quality that outshines traditional DVD players.

LG Electronics began selling a $350 Blu-ray player with Netflix streaming earlier this month.

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