Tesco Denies 360 Price Cut

Tesco has denied dropping the price of the Xbox 360 Pro 60GB model, despite recent reports to the contrary. IncGamers spoke to the supermarket chain's press office, online service and local stores who all denied the price cut.

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thetamer3704d ago

I'm glad someone looked into this, I hate when people don't check sources.

Maticus3704d ago

I agree, it's a good job someone double-checked.

ReBurn3704d ago

So where did the picture with the price on the shelf come from?

Leord3704d ago

Good question. Still, it's more likely that it either was some misprint, local anomaly or a photoshop job than some great conspiracy...

I'm generally annoyed by conspiracists... =P

AndyA3704d ago

Yeah, I'm guessing in-store misprint.