Marvel’s Spider-Man – Accolades Trailer

Nothing short of Amazing. Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now, exclusively for PS4.

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NecrumOddBoy95d ago

Reviews say this game is about 20-25 hours from start to platinum. I have been playing it for a week and have put in some serious time and I am currently around 60% so I have no clue how long the game is but on Normal, I am getting more than my money's worth out of this. It's definitely an amazing spidey game and the story is great.

Legatus95d ago

I will easily clock 40+ hours on this bad boy, 20 hours my @ss, there's a loads of stuff to do and i'm loving every minute of it.

PLAYWATCH7694d ago

Is there a way to check playtime? I can't find it so far.

AspiringProGenji95d ago

It is the definitive Spiderman game. I wish there was flashback mission that revisited key points in Spiderman’s story. I know by now we know must of it but it would have been pretty cool nonetheless

ArchangelMike95d ago

I never ever thought I'd be so pleased that a game had DLC. But here I am chomping at the bit for more Spider-man.

MasterCornholio95d ago

Congratulations Sony and Insomniac.

Tross95d ago

This game already has an accolades trailer? Well, isn't that something. I guess this is proof that everyone trying to downplay this game is out to lunch.