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World first Gears of War 2 review hits tomorrow

OXM UK will have the world first review of Gears of War 2 tomorrow.

The review will be in Issue 40 of Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK, which goes on sale and will be sent out to subscribers tomorrow. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

Rick Astley  +   2257d ago
OXM UK? Meh. I'll wait for a credible source.
Fishy Fingers  +   2257d ago
Credible isnt the word Id use, perhaps "unaffiliated" is better suited.
Dlacy13g  +   2256d ago
umm...they are independent of MS.
OXM UK and OXM US are not in anyway related to Microsoft. The magazine is part of the Future company. They publish Nintendo Power, Playstation: The Official Magazine, PC Gamer, Games Radar, etc...

ChampIDC  +   2256d ago
Bubbles for doing your research. Just because it has Xbox in its name doesn't mean it's owned by Microsoft.
jaffa_cake  +   2257d ago
not the worlds first coming from a xbox mag hmm come on. i'll wait for the independent sites.
xbox360 mag oh 10/10 yay
ign where see but i think it be a good game, as long as they make the multiplayer aspects more fun.
i'm guessing it will be a solid 9 overal.
SolidWarri0r  +   2257d ago
Nah, I dont think the official mag for 360 rig their scores..

I mean they rated Fable 2 9.5 and not 10, now doesnt that say something?

unlike sony, i bet they rated Haze and Lair around 8-10 LOL
sunnygrg  +   2256d ago
let the check cashing begin
Ali_The_Brit_   2256d ago | Spam
SolidWarri0r  +   2256d ago
I didnt get owned, its your crappy excluisve lmao
fafoon  +   2257d ago
Cant Wait !!
krackchap  +   2257d ago
wow. 10/10 confirmed
P4KY B  +   2257d ago
World Of Warcraft is good
But not 10/10

I'd give it 8.5
MetalProxy  +   2257d ago
chaosatom  +   2256d ago
alright, i'll admit it, that was good.
ChampIDC  +   2256d ago
Silogon  +   2257d ago
Lame, we already know this idiots are going to give it a 10/10, inspite of the $#*TTY final boss battle and ending.
chrisnick  +   2257d ago
we all know this.....it'll get a 10 while the story plot commits suicide but hate lbp cuz they don't have the brain cells to control how to move between the 3 planes in lbp.(top middle and back........morons.)
arrrgh   2256d ago | Spam
ChampIDC  +   2256d ago
Yeah, people tend to not think before they speak here. LBP has less story than Gears, but that doesn't mean it's not fun nonetheless. Story is nice, but games can be fun without it.
chrisnick  +   2256d ago
umm u guys kinda make sense
especially since lbp is a fps and needs a story to make sure its good.
chrisnick  +   2257d ago
i think i know what that's gonna look like...............more anxious for the resistance2 reviews.
SolidWarri0r  +   2257d ago

With "GOTY AWARD" already.
Kufi-  +   2257d ago
8/10 with bigflop
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2257d ago
"GOTY AWARD" i lol'd

He even used all caps to try and reassure himself lol
Poor scumbag.
Keele  +   2256d ago
Y'know it's going to be funny if it does indeed get GOTY and he has every right to shove it in your face endlessly.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2256d ago
The keyword there is "if" and that's a BIG "IF"


All contenders for GOTY.
This isn't 2006-2007 anymore..360 has competition this time
Perjoss  +   2257d ago
i wonder if it will do as well as fable 2, in review scores I mean, personally I don't think it will.
ChampIDC  +   2256d ago
If the first game is any indication, I think it'll do better than Fable 2.
Dragunov  +   2257d ago
-1 point for the ending, overall story (unless you have 12 or less)
-1 for being the same old game
-1 for not having purple power rangers

No GOTY kiddies ;_;
Internet Trolling Ex  +   2257d ago
Official Xbox Magazine
Are we supposed to expect anything less than a 9 from their review of Tears of Bore?
SyphonFilter  +   2256d ago
go play your childish garbage,you mad gears 2 will outsell any george foreman grill 3 game.
Silogon  +   2257d ago
Motorstorm 2: 8/10 more of the same.
Gears of war 2: 10/10 more of the same.
The review sites reviewing the games: more of the same.

I rest my case.
Common Sense  +   2256d ago
I concur
This whole platform bias thing has to stop. Review sites should be objective when reviewing games and not put too much emphasis on personal. For example, I played Gears of War for like an I hour and I was bored out of my mind but I'd still give it a good score if I reviewed because it did a lot of things right.

Motorstorm 2 got bad scores because it was more of "the same" and these same sites give Halo 3 perfect scores. The worst of those site is gamespot. They gave Ratchet and Clank a 7.5. I'm not mad because they gave it a 7.5 but I'm mad that they gave it a 7.5 for no reason. Their review was singing its praises the whole time and then they gave it a 7.5 for having " too much variety". If you don't believe watch or read the review for yourselves. Ratchet and Clank is the best looking 3D platformer EVER released. It literally looks like a pixar movie. If it was on the 360, it would have at least a 92 on metacritic.

Another example is WipeOut HD. The game runs cost 1/3 less than the average game and it's the best looking racing game ever released (excluding GT prologue). The game is extremely fun.

I just can't wait for the bias against the PS3 to end. So many people want it to fail for no apparent reason. As soon as the PS3 install base surpasses the 360's then it should be a little better.
yoghurt  +   2257d ago
It will be interesting to see, as games such as motorstorm 2 (whilst a different genre) have been penalised for not really doing much new, whilst having better graphics and more features, its lost points for lack of innovation...lets see if the same applies....
ChampIDC  +   2256d ago
If you think about it, almost every game is just more of the same from its predecessors with improvements. That's just how video games are. Every once in a while you get a truly innovative gem, but most games are just improvements of old formulas.
theEnemy  +   2256d ago
Let's wait for the reviews of non-official_(insert_console_h ere)_site/mag.
ultimolu  +   2256d ago
I predict a 9/10.
ELite_Ghost  +   2256d ago
god if i gets 10/10 i'm gonna kill someone...
ChampIDC  +   2256d ago
I doubt it'll happen, but I'll get a body bag ready just in case =)
ELite_Ghost  +   2256d ago
LOL u better...
theEnemy  +   2256d ago
You should think of who will kill now, because an Xbox Magazine won't give Gears 2 less than a 10.

They said Gears 2 is the best 360 game this year.
ELite_Ghost  +   2256d ago
I guess i'll kill my black 360 friend... HE talks so much crap lol...
But let's hope it doesn't get 10...
PS360PCROCKS  +   2256d ago
Ha! You know it'll be gushing with love and a 10/10 score!
u got owned  +   2256d ago
It will probably get a 10/10.

For some reason i'm not that hyped for this game, even though I love the first one.
Ali_The_Brit_   2256d ago | Spam
FailStation3  +   2256d ago
all gears 2 reviews will be 10s

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