World first Gears of War 2 review hits tomorrow

OXM UK will have the world first review of Gears of War 2 tomorrow.

The review will be in Issue 40 of Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK, which goes on sale and will be sent out to subscribers tomorrow.

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Rick Astley3702d ago

OXM UK? Meh. I'll wait for a credible source.

Fishy Fingers3702d ago

Credible isnt the word Id use, perhaps "unaffiliated" is better suited.

Dlacy13g3702d ago

OXM UK and OXM US are not in anyway related to Microsoft. The magazine is part of the Future company. They publish Nintendo Power, Playstation: The Official Magazine, PC Gamer, Games Radar, etc...

ChampIDC3702d ago

Bubbles for doing your research. Just because it has Xbox in its name doesn't mean it's owned by Microsoft.

jaffa_cake3702d ago

not the worlds first coming from a xbox mag hmm come on. i'll wait for the independent sites.
xbox360 mag oh 10/10 yay
ign where see but i think it be a good game, as long as they make the multiplayer aspects more fun.
i'm guessing it will be a solid 9 overal.

SolidWarri0r3702d ago

Nah, I dont think the official mag for 360 rig their scores..

I mean they rated Fable 2 9.5 and not 10, now doesnt that say something?

unlike sony, i bet they rated Haze and Lair around 8-10 LOL

sunnygrg3702d ago

let the check cashing begin

3702d ago
Silogon3702d ago

Lame, we already know this idiots are going to give it a 10/10, inspite of the $#*TTY final boss battle and ending.

chrisnick3702d ago

we all know'll get a 10 while the story plot commits suicide but hate lbp cuz they don't have the brain cells to control how to move between the 3 planes in lbp.(top middle and back........morons.)

3702d ago
ChampIDC3702d ago

Yeah, people tend to not think before they speak here. LBP has less story than Gears, but that doesn't mean it's not fun nonetheless. Story is nice, but games can be fun without it.

chrisnick3702d ago

especially since lbp is a fps and needs a story to make sure its good.

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The story is too old to be commented.