Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Review

Eurogamer Portugal, review Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. This game is the first Naruto videogame on PlayStation 3, and exclusive.

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mariusmal3678d ago

great to see they kept dual audio like in the demo.

SaiyanFury3678d ago

Yeah I agree. The English voice actors aren't bad but if you want to get the most out of the anime/game, listening in Japanese is really the way to go. Of course it helps if you understand what they're saying so you can understand the mannerisms and whatnot. As for the lack of an online mode, I don't care. I don't play very many fighting games anymore, let alone playing them online. This will be the first new fighting game that I've bought in several years. Not that the genre's bad or anything, it's just that I've been playing fighting games since the days of the original Street Fighter 2 and in general, most things have been done several times over. Not too say that's bad, but as a person who's been playing fighting games for 15 years it kind of gets old. Naruto - Ultimate Ninja Storm is the one fighting game that I really enjoyed, the demo at least. Chasing Hatake Kakashi around the splashy stage and activating Naruto's "Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" was awesome. Like Kakashi getting covered with an ant colony of Naruto clones. I loved that and the attention to detail was just spot on. If you get one fighting game this gen, let it be this one. It's fun, it's original, and it's funny.
Go CyberConnect 2, you've done a grand thing.

sonarus3678d ago

i'll rent first and then if i like i'll buy. But if the game had online mode i would have bought it first. It looks cool but what if it isn't. If there was online i know i could have gotten a friend of mine to get it too and we could have at least beat our asses online. (He lives in atlanta and i'm in cali). So with no online the purchase just isn't certain for me. I hope they do online add on in the future

mariusmal3678d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

yeah i played the demo and it's a great game. but i think it's gonna suffer with the release date. it's the kind of game that would sell well if it was launched outside the busy christmas time.

everything i watch or play i prefer original audio, be it an french movie or a japanese game. i consider dubs a mortal sin :D

SaiyanFury3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Yeah I know what you mean, mariusmal, but personally it's fairly high on my list. I'm a huge Naruto fan, and this will be the first game in the series that I'll have played. I've already gotten Star Ocean for PSP, and I'm only planning on a few other games this holiday season. Valkyria Chronicles, Resistance 2, and Naruto are the only others I'm planning on. I'm gonna be plenty busy for the next few months.

mariusmal3677d ago

yeah i know that many gamers have different tastes :P i just hope that it sells well cause we need more anime based games with this quality. i'm a big naruto fan too but my gaming priorities are more like fallout 3 and more ocidental rpg's

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KingArth3678d ago

i would take the game if it had multiplayer, but the developers are stupid and didn't make the most important feature for a such fun game imho

rdgneoz33678d ago

It has multiplayer, just not online multiplayer. It still looks beautiful and fun to play even without an online component.

drdre743678d ago

All the other Naruto games on the PS2 didnt have online and those were great. This is the best one out of all the Naruto games and people are still upset at no online. So what its a great game and it has a long story mode. Dude said in the review that its way over 10 hours long and thats not with all the side missions finished. Dead space has no online people aren't complaining about that. Bioshock had no online. Not every game needs online. If you pass up on this because of no online youre really missing out.

orakga3678d ago

Fighting games really don't work well online... due to the inevitable latency over inter-city connections.

So, until someone comes up with a new type of fighting game that doesn't rely on twit-action offense-vs-defense gameplay, online will have to take the backseat in fighting games.

It's really just the limitation of the genre. It has nothing to do with the developers.

The same will apply to SF4.

Roukuko3678d ago

i dont think the game would workonline really with all the cutscenes it has in fights

mariusmal3677d ago

totally agree with you now that you mentioned it.

Arsenal4Ever3678d ago

good game... desevered a higher score imo.

rebirthofcaos3678d ago

i agree the game deserve a better score, but in any case will purchase it day one, along with valkirie chronicles, and yesterday I purchase socom,dead space and bioshock, just left little big planet,naruto and valkirie.

SeanScythe3678d ago

You should have gotten farcry over bioshock, it's 100x better.

Erotic Sheep3678d ago

Or do like me and get both Farcry 2 and Bioshock.. Awesome combo ftw! \o/

Btw the Naruto demo rocked so I might consider buying this tho I never watched any single minute of Naruto before >.>

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