Someone is working on a full fledged Metroid Prime fan remake for the PC via reverse engineering

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘philstephes’ is currently working on a full fledged Metroid Prime remake for the PC. As we all know, Metroid Prime came out exclusively on the Nintendo GameCube and was never ported to any other platform apart from the Nintendo Wii. However, this may change as philstephes is building a proper PC remake via reverse engineering."

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Oliver_Twist4d ago

Nintendo will drop the axe again so why bother?

Evilryusam4d ago

Well if people would stop announcing that their working on thrse kind of things and only say something when ita already done, then maybe we would have something lol.

Relientk774d ago

Cool, until Nintendo shuts it down...

remixx1164d ago

Please ninty don't axe this down!!!!

lociefer4d ago

Oh boi, nintendo is gonna nintend all over this

Neonridr4d ago

why don't these articles at least wait until after the game is done so we can all download it before the project gets the axe by the big N?

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