PSVR Updates to Version 4.10 With PS4 6.00 Firmware Update

Pure PlayStation: Sony's VR headset has also had an update alongside the PS4's 6.00 firmware release.

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Shikoku5d ago

I dont know why people think that the 6.0 update was going to be some kind of giant change to the Ps4, we are at the end of the gen people major change is coming in next gen not this gen.

Silly gameAr5d ago

Is the ps5 coming out tomorrow or something? I must have missed the announcement.

Shikoku5d ago

Keep living in denial its a nice river but really crap way to live.

MAULxx5d ago

People were expecting new features because X.00 & X.05 are typically substantial updates that include new features. There was also a beta test for 6.00.

OpenGL5d ago

Because there was a beta program as there has been with other large updates in the past.

Shikoku5d ago

Yeah and Ive been in just about all of them, whats you're point?

goku5d ago

You'll see why it was released

Shikoku5d ago

I have it, Ive had it for a while.

Immorals5d ago

Because updates like 6.0,or 2.0 rather than decimal updates are traditionally huge updates or turnarounds, much like sequels being 2 rather than 1.5

OpenGL5d ago

I've been in most of them as well, this is the first time that there was not a single change to the UI or feature set of the PS4 firmware. Normally stability updates don't go to a public beta.

Artemidorus4d ago

Obivously you work SCE please do tell us more on why the Playstation 4 doesn't need the time or effort anymore.

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1nsomniac5d ago

Now I can dig that! what improvements has it given PSVR?

HRoach6165d ago

It’s a tiny 10MB update. So it does essentially nothing.

1nsomniac3d ago

Yea it’s absolute horse shite. It’s broken video playback. All the optimisations that where made in the last update to smooth out 3D video playback have been reverted or removed completely. It’s now gone back to a stuttery mess. Well done Sony. Well done again!