Alan Wake and Heavy Rain in there own league?

Low_Down writes-Both Alan Wake and Heavy Rain look amazing and seem new and fresh,with the potential to change the gaming world much like GTA 3 did last generation will it live up to the hype?The crew discuss that and all your gaming news this week.

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Rick Astley3680d ago

And Heavy Rain yes but what makes Alan Wake so different? They've only shown the game running on a very high end PC and so far it's been all cut-scenes. I noticed that the characters in Alan Wake aren't very high poly either. It just seems like the graphics were downgraded. I wonder how they're gonna handle the 360's DVD limit. 3 or more discs?

TheTwelve3680d ago

Don't but Alan Wake in the same sentence with Heavy Rain yet. C'mon.


marinelife93680d ago

The PC game play footage we saw of Alan Wake a while back didn't look anything like Heavy Rain.

lowcarb3680d ago

Heavy rain= Qte which has been around since Dragons Lair and is nothing new. Alan Wake= a one of a kind Oblivion meets in the Mouth of Madness that will wipe the floor with Heavy Rain. Also Alan is interactive experience so you really can't compare the two other then story and we all know that AW will come on top there for sure.

Elimin83680d ago

It is really hard to take these articles seriously when THERE are so many misspelled words.......

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Omega43680d ago

In terms of graphics both look great, but considering that Heavy Rain relies heavliy on QTE and the player doesnt actually control the character freely the graphics can easily be beefed up

Alan Wake on the other hand has been said to have a freeroaming town where the player can go and explore how they like which kind of makes its graphics a lot more impressive

But since no actual gameplay of the final games has yet to be shown either one could end up looking even better or worse

thor3680d ago

Omega - you are obviously misinformed about Heavy Rain. You control the character - there is an odd control scheme where you press R2 to move forward like a racing game - but you are free to explore as you like. You can then interact with the environment. There are a little too many QTEs though, and the action sequences seem to be made up of them (from what we have seen), however, these are not just "press X you win, don't press it you fail" type QTEs - there are different actions you can take which lead to a variety of different outcomes.

power of Green 3680d ago

HR is pre rendered video with QTE, not as impressive what so ever(basically a cutscene that is interactive)

thor3680d ago

From Wikipedia (but taken from Edge Magazine you can trace the info back if you'd like):

According to a recent demonstration given to Edge Magazine, the game will use a unique control scheme.[7] A trigger button on the Playstation 3 controller will move the character forward. It will take advantage of the button being an analogue button, allowing through the amount of pressure applied to the button by the user to control the speed of the character's movement. The left analogue stick will control the movement of the character's head and the direction the character moves in relation to where the character is looking. David Cage explains that this frees the movement of the character from the perspective of the camera.

So it won't be JUST QTEs. They are a major element, but are more in-depth than QTEs before them (i.e. you don't just fail if you miss a button press). Heavy Rain will allow you to freely move your character around.

Isaac3680d ago

Power of Green Boogers simply loves to display how ignorant he is by talking out of his mentally challenged ass, and that's evident by showing us how he knows jack sh1t about Heavy Rain. He probably never played Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy even though his substandard console has it available for download.

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yoghurt3680d ago

I'm sorry but from anybodys point of view these games are far far different. heavy Rain even in this early stage has demod some v impressive graphics, the details on the characters is amazing - I watched the alan wake vid on HD and whilst it is nice, it is not league defining, its nothing we haven't seen before. Of course, that's just my opinion.

ToastyMcNibbles3680d ago

agreed...when i first saw heavy rain visually i went "holy sh!t"...when i watched the alan wake trailer visually it was more of "looks good" dont get me wrong i thought the trailer was awesome for alan wake but obviously im way more interested in heavy rain and their whole concept of interactive storytelling...that and the fact that i played indigo prophecy so the thought of what they can make with the ps3 taking advantage of everything the system offers makes me 10 times more excited about heavy rain and the possibilities for it but in the end both games will definitely take storytelling telling to a whole other level

T-Baggins3680d ago

Heavy Rain is way better looking then Alan wake, just watch the trailers again the characters in Heavy Rain are ridiculously detailed, but in Alan Wake they are nothing special look at the part where he's running he has square knees.

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