StarCraft Beta in 2009

During the BlizzCon 2008 show, a StarCraft II Q&A session was held with the long haired and rockin' Chris Sigaty and Samwise Didier. Among the answers they give, we are informed on what changed with Blizzard after the Activision merger (free Guitar Hero boxes to all employees), the reason for the trilogy (if you had not already heard about that lot already) and a confirmation that the StarCraft Beta will start in 2009!

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thetamer3681d ago

I love StarCraft and can't wait for teh second one!

Leord3681d ago

I'm betting for beta to come out shortly after new year's!

Dorjan3681d ago

beta beta beta!

I managed to get into RA3 beta, I just hope I get SCIII!

Rovdjuret3681d ago

hope this game really lives up to my expectations =)

Leord3681d ago

Poor thing to not have tried it yet ;)

Actually, I tend to forget only a few thousand people outside of Blizzard has. WWI, BlizzCon, press events and a few game expos. Possibly closer to 50k people migth have tried it, but compared to the millions of fans, it's a drop in the bucket...

kalos3681d ago

Guess we'll almost definantly be seeing the game in 2009 then, usually once the closed beta starts the game itself launches three or four months afterwards.

Maticus3681d ago

Indeed, it's been a long time coming but glad to see it's finally nearly ready.

Leord3681d ago

Well, it just seems logical that they will wait until after Christmas with the hype, so everyone who wants to have gotten WotLK and are ready for a brief pause when the SC2 closed beta hits ;)

Terrice3681d ago

I'm looking forward to this beta, there's a lot of stuff I want to try.

Leord3681d ago

Seeing how active you are at that site, I'd be almost positive you'd get in to the beta...

Terrice3681d ago

Well that's good news :)

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The story is too old to be commented.