New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe On Nintendo Switch Announced

New Super Mario Bros. U, originally released for the Wii U, is coming to the Switch as New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. During the latest Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that four people will be able to play together as with the original. A couple of new characters are being made playable for the Switch version, however: Toadette and Nabbit.

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Kribwalker66d ago

Sweet. The WiiU and virtual boy are the only two Nintendo consoles i’ve skipped do i don’t mind seeing these games be ported

Vegamyster66d ago

It's the best out of the NSMB games and the Luigi add on is great if you love a challenge, just a shame they didn't add more levels/content.

playnice66d ago

overall if you skipped on the Wii U versions like myself it seems like a really enticing package with pretty good value :) I would prefer a 3D World 2 but maybe I am dreaming but a bundle of a 3D World with a new game would be amazing!

Last_Boss66d ago

Virtual Boy was not a console and is some of the biggest trash ever created.

playnice66d ago

it is a bit much putting it in the same category as Wii U. I mean Wii U was not a huge hit but still had a lot of great games vs Virtual Boy had absolutely nothing good :P

Kribwalker66d ago

just saying, i’ve had every other nintendo system then those two. Virual boy price dropped to $40 at my local toysrus and i still couldn’t be bothered to buy one back then

chris23566d ago

the same could be said about the switch but look at all the people who beg to differ. a product is always what the customer makes it out to be.

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badz14966d ago

"Deluxe" so they can charge you $60 for it.

King_Noctis66d ago

Try looking at the new features that this game will have would you?

Sono42166d ago

lol I have no idea what King_Noctis is talking about, that added toadette and she can turn into peach, and now that rabbit doesn't take damage from enemies, they added almost nothing.. Them including Luigi U with NSMBU isn't new, they started doing that a loooong time ago on the Wii U, I bought it NSMBU with it included, this is how I know, there is almost no new content added here, easily the most underwhelming announcement of this direct, I don't really see why this is getting the deluxe name? Anyone who disagrees is a huge fanboy.

PhoenixUp66d ago

It’s a huge missed opportunity for Nintendo to not put online co-op in this game, especially since they’d want to get as many people to subscribe to their new online service as possible.

Firebird36066d ago

I just assumed it'd have online coop. Seems like the perfect game for it.

PhoenixUp66d ago

Not to mention that Mario characters were used to convey plans for that online service. Would’ve been a no brainer to Segway into saying you can finally play this game online.

It’s really cringey how Nintendo can tout implementing online for ALL NES games with multiplayer, but they can’t do the same for a remaster that’s more deserving of such a feature

NotoriousWhiz65d ago

On the bright side, we can finally play Mario Party online. Now I can steal my friend's stars without getting a knife in my neck.

Concertoine65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

yeah, i like NES games and all, but ive been playing them for 10 years since the VC first got released. I might get like an hour of enjoyment from ice climbers with coop, etc.

This game should've had online multiplayer in 2012 on the Wii U. Honestly, i still have my wii u, i might just buy the old versions since they'll be cheaper.

killbillvolume1266d ago

Now can we all pray for them to bring out Xenoblade X as well please and thank you.

AK9166d ago

Please bring Wonderful 101 to Switch please.

Thepcz66d ago

So switch is a portable wiiu now

NotoriousWhiz65d ago

Wii U had great games, but the console itself was awful, GamePad included.

Nicknasty66d ago

Great game, but comon with all the ports already. Sony keeps doing the same too. Guess it's much cheaper and easier.

neutralgamer199266d ago

Wiiu was such a huge failure that it makes sense for Nintendo to release these ports because millions of switch owners never bought a wiiu so these are brand new games

badz14966d ago

what doesn't make sense is Nintendo are charging full price for all those Wii U ports!

neutralgamer199266d ago

It makes sense because this is Nintendo man thru are charging $60 for a cardboard box

Nintendo have always charged more than Sony and ms for games and accessories and journalists don't call out Nintendo but will bash sony or ms because vast majority in this industry grew up playing on Nintendo consoles they have a soft spot got nintemdon

Sono42166d ago

I 100% agree it makes sense, but just because people never played them doesn't make them brand new games, they're still old..

Nicknasty65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

What about the millions of people that bought a wiiu, like me? I am starting to feel somewhat cheated. It's like Nintendo already sold me a console with the exact same game some years ago. I mean, it's not even a remaster or a 4k version! It's the same exact game! Wow, with a couple added characters so we can justify the $60 price tag. That's not right at all.

Now just because that console kinda failed, all the people that got suckered and bought one have to suffer? We have to buy a whole new console now, with some of the same games because Nintendo didn't get it right with the wiiu?

I personally think we should be reimbursed for Nintendo's mistake! They should offer discounts to all us wiiu owners that already bought this game before and put down money on a failed short lived console. They definately arent looking out for their loyal customers are they? At least stop charging full frikin price for these ports!!! I'm not seeing Sony doing that, so why does Nintendo have to be the greedy one? I bought a switch, and always thought it was way too soon after the wiiu's release, but had no choice since they just decided to throw in the towel with the wiiu.They made a mistake and we all have to suffer for it. Nintendo has become a shady company.

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Last_Boss66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

No they don't!! Full price for shit ported over from a failed console. A few is fine, but not the whole damn library.

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