TechRadar Choice: 10 best Xbox 360 extras

Fantastic Xbox peripherals you didn't know you needed

These are our top 10 favourite Xbox 360 add-ons

The 360's the most PC-like console we've ever had, and as a result there's a shedload of weird'n'wonderful accessories.

And there are some really bad, futile accessories too - which is why we've whittled the options down to ten of the more interesting, including the cream of the official crop and some of the more outstanding third-party widgets.

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iMarcus3701d ago

LOL at the 11th on list

good read

zoydwheeler3701d ago

Wonder if we will ever get it?

iMarcus3701d ago

Eh, even if we do I wouldn't bother.

DVD is good enough for me, Blu-Ray just looks like the DVD updated abit really.

Vegas3701d ago

You must still be gaming in standard def.

mchax3701d ago

Come on - HD-DVD add-on is cheap and a great upscaler. Nice article, though

gusto3701d ago

Where is the vinyl player add-on? Without one, Xbox is doomed!

zoydwheeler3701d ago

Now that WOULD be something....

Ps3Fanboy7773701d ago

WTF? Umm last I checked Ps3 was far more PC like then the 360... Where do people come up with this crap..

I remember people bashing the Ps3 because of this now they want to praise the 360 for it? I think not.

Get your bashing straight at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.