Luigi's Mansion 3 Announced For Nintendo Switch, Will Have 2019 Release

GameSpot - Nintendo kicked off its Direct by announcing Luigi's Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch.

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DarkVoyager66d ago

YES!! I’ve been wanting a new Luigi’s Mansion for Switch so bad.

remixx11666d ago

Same, loved the first one

FlyingFoxy66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Willing to give it a go, Starlink with Starfox half has my interest but still not sure about it.. The new Yoshi game caught my interest too and looks like it might be good, if it's not stupidly easy.

This year i want Monster Boy, gonna have to import the physical copy to the UK, and Super Mario Party, i was still hoping for a new Pilot Wings but nothing revealed yet :/

Relientk7766d ago

Finally a Luigi's Mansion game for Switch! This is awesome

FallenAngel198466d ago

Would’ve been hilarious if the co-op character was Waluigi

-Foxtrot66d ago


Hopefully it’s better the man 2 and feels like the first game

One single huge mansion please

Neonridr66d ago

second wasn't terrible, but definitely a big departure from the first.

-Foxtrot65d ago

I think when you have something solid the first time round only after so many years of asking they finally bring a sequel out to then put it on a handheld while also stepping back a bit on what made the first game great, its a little bit of a gut punch

Yeah its not a bad game it was just...a game. While the first game was fantastic, especially for a launch title.

Every year after the first I was like

"Luigi's Mansion II on Gamecube please"


"Luigi's Mansion II on Wii please"


"Luigi's Mansion II on Wii U please"



"...HOLY S***"

"For Nintendo 3DS"


wonderfulmonkeyman66d ago

It looked like a huge Highrise tower in the background, so maybe that's what we can expect this time, instead of a 2-story-only mansion?

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The story is too old to be commented.