How Playing Breath Of The Wild For 600+ Hours Changed My Life

Lizzie Fourman writes: "I have a confession to make: I have logged over 600 hours on Breath of the Wild.

I got the game last year (September 2017) as one of two games that I got with the Nintendo Switch.

I wasn’t expecting to play the game as much as I have up to this point as I hadn’t played a Legend of Zelda game for several years."

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Community65d ago
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NecrumOddBoy66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

That's a lot of time doing much if nothing in a barren empty overhyped excuse for a Zelda title, but i'm glad you had fun.

porkChop66d ago

Barren? Empty?

Look, I can understand not liking the game. I can understand not liking the combat, or the weapons breaking, the disappointing fight with Ganon, etc. There are many valid complaints that one could make about Breath. But the world being empty is not one of them, because that simply isn't true.

Practically behind every hill, every turn, there's something to do. Be it a shrine, a quest, a Korok seed puzzle, enemy camp, secrets, etc. There are tons of things to do and find in the game.

On top of that, the game excels at making the simple act of exploring the world a legitimately fun and exciting thing to do. And the games many secrets reward you for doing so.

kevnb65d ago

He needs more non interactive cut scenes.

G3ng4r65d ago

600+ seems a little crazy to me but NecrumOddBoy does have a garbage minority opinion.

Zeldafan6465d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I have played Breath of the Wild for over 800 hours and everything you said is the reason why I have logged so many hours into the game. I haven't even found half of the Korok seeds yet.

SirBradders65d ago

To be fair the game is pretty empty compared to most open world games. Not really much diversity, other than collecting seeds and finding towers. The puzzles are great but there is a huge lack of actual side questing and story telling.

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DJK1NG_Gaming66d ago

Yeah you never played the game.
An post-apocalypse setting
let that think in.
It not being filled with humans, towns and life is understandable.
Majority of them were wiped out.

Of course many people on this site wont know because they never played it like you.

NecrumOddBoy66d ago

Played it to completion(minus all the Korok seeds). All shrines, memories, items and and bestest the true endings. It's world was super shallow filled with fetch quests. Yes, the story was vanilla but the combat and physics are incredible. This game was just not that good.

-Foxtrot65d ago

Fallout was post apocalyptic and they made do

Borderlands was a “wasteland” even said during the opening cutscene

Dying Light, Zombie post apocalyptic world...

The setting is never an excuse, developers find a way

Vegamyster65d ago


Every game has different lore and scenarios, it's called Breath of the Wild for a reason. They never advertised the game as having large towns or have it sprawling with people, they didn't even show the main story characters until the final trailer, everything they showed minus it's reveal trailer with the Guardian was quite peaceful. it's the exact opposite direction of their previous home console game Skyward Sword which held your hand all the time which a lot of people complained about, they took a different direction with the game and it's either something you loved or missed about the previous games, not saying it's perfect because no game though.

Sono42165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I played 100+ hours, mainly because I wanted to give it a fair chance and because i'm a huge zelda fan. I think the Zelda "fans" who claim to like this game aren't Zelda fans at all. This is nothing like previous Zelda games and rips away core mechanics that the previous Zelda's established and replaces them with mindless filler and never any meaningful reward. In just over 100 hours I completed almost all of the shrines besides about 10, which is arguably the most interesting things to do in the world, so I have no idea what this guy did for the next 500, I honestly call bs, he probably just let the game run while it was open. But all shrines besides a few are very simplistic easy to solve puzzles my 7 year old nephew could do with ease, but doing them is pointless anyway with no wonder as you know exactly what you're going to get, a spirit orb and a weapon that will break 2 basic enemies later, not even worth it. Same goes for the groups of enemies that surround chests all around the world, break a weapon or two and lose arrows to reach a chest with 5 opal? Not worth it, especially when a chest you may just find laying around with no enemies surrounding it will have the exact same thing in it. Then you have the divine beasts who are the high point and low point of the game at the same time. They provide more intricate puzzles that require a little more thought than the shrines but that's mainly only because you can alter the beast itself, still not very challenging, but either way was very refreshing after playing mindless shrine after mindless shrine, some even "rewarding" you for just entering the shrine. But then the divine beasts are also a huge disappointment because each of them doesn't reward you with cool new gear that let you explore previously inaccessible areas, nope, they were merely just handicaps to make an already easy game even easier. I mean honestly one of the biggest things in zelda has always been getting cool unique weapons and gear that allowed you to do things you couldn't do before. That is 100% absent in this game, or the amazing well thought out dungeons offering some serious challenge, also completely absent. The only difference between your character at the beginning of the game and the end is how much stamina and hearts you have... talk about underwhelming. Besides the obvious master sword which they gave a bogus recharging mechanic simply so you would still waste time with other weapons. But back to the "things to do". There is nothing to do in this barren wasteland of a world, you can do the same copy and pasted korok seed "puzzles that are all over the map, but once again, you don't gain much, just more inventory space but the amount of korok seeds needed to increase said inventory space grows exponentially, itts absurd considering it's only purpose is to make the weapon breaking mechanic less annoying by holding more weapons, it's like the only "rewards" you get in the entire game are simply to make annoying mechanics less annoying, which is an absurd way to try to "reward" a player, how about you just don't make mechanics that are difficult for no reason outside of the players control? Also I guess difficult is the wrong word, simply more tedious, unnecessary, oh but you know 10/10 uncontested game of the year, no question. Definitely no agenda or nostalgia at play here.

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Neonridr66d ago

ever wonder why it's ok to do this in a Nintendo article and get a free pass?

Just stop, if you had a Switch and actually played through this game you wouldn't be saying that. I put in over 100+ hours and I still haven't beaten Ganon yet.

gangsta_red66d ago


Lots of acceptable tropes for certain brands on this site.

Kribwalker66d ago

100% agree with everything you’ve said. I couldn’t put that game down. Haven’t put that much time into a single player game since Skyrim, and i didn’t come close to finishing it all.

My current game of the generation

CarlDechance65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I see comments like these on articles for other games on other consoles all the time.

XabiDaChosenOne65d ago

@gangsta_red dude you were in a Spiderman thread a couple week's claiming how easy it is to make an open world spiderman game. Cool it with your victimhood
@Kribwalker I have also seen you in articles with your passive-aggressive trolling so remember you're victimhood in this article the next time you choose a troll of Sony article.

EddieNX 65d ago

Kribwalker getting downvotea for expressing an opinion. It's a seriously amazing game, anyone who disagrees I don't envy their taste. They probably sleep with their socks on and have their steaks well done. What do they know?

AspiringProGenji65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It is a 95+ meta rated game. It will get some people upset over its score and hype. Tjis happens with GoW and TLoU and some people in your thread are guilty of the same thing as well

By 300hrs I was done with BoTW so I don’t know what was that guy doing to get that much playtime

Sono42164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

WHAT?! I'm honestly genuinely dumbfounded. How could you not beat him after 100+ hours?! Have you not even tried to fight him? He is honestly the easiest Zelda final boss in the series. I left a whole comment above yours describing a lot wrong with the game already but didn't even touch on the fact that the final boss could be beaten while you're half asleep and drunk. I went there LOADED with recovery + food, as well as attack and defense elixirs expecting a serious fight, but nope, didn't use a single bit of the recovery + food. Probably would fall into my top 10 easiest boss fights of all time, but I should have known better based on the fact the rest of the game was very easy as well.

Neonridr64d ago

@Sono421 - there is a difference between actually trying to kill Ganon or just explore the overworld. I was working my way through finding each and every shine, exploring all the secrets and just generally in awe of the landscape. Plus I put several hours in the Master Quest DLC to upgrade my Master Sword.

so no, I haven't beaten him because I haven't tried yet :P

I have no doubt he will be easy.

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Shikoku65d ago

Agreed not to mention continually fins new weapons because of the craptastic weapons system.

Neonridr65d ago

hopefully we will have the ability to repair weapons in the next game. I agree that these weapons breaking meant half the time I was too afraid to use the nicer weapons / bows for fear of losing them.

Zeldafan6465d ago

You're just salty because this game is going to sell over 15 million units.

Gaming4Life198165d ago

I find your lack of faith disturbing lol. The only bad thing I'll say about the new zelda if dungeons(real dungeons where you need the specific item to beat it and its boss)I miss that. Other than that I have no complaints and is one of the best zelda's and games to come out this gen.

RedDevils65d ago

Don't know why idiot like NecrumOddBoy always manage to hate on this game. I played and love it. Someone f kn need to appreciate good game regardless the platform, stop worshiping 1 console when you happen to not able to afford the other and then hating on it. So my advice to those who haven't play the game yet, you should stop acting like you play the game and jumping on the hate train rather should just try out the game first with your own experiences.

Soc565d ago

So why did you put so much time in it playing til completion if you didn't like it and it was “barren empty overhyped” are you a masochist?

NecrumOddBoy64d ago

Awesome game play that entices you to keep exploring. But sadly, the carrot on the end of the stick never leads to a worthwhile reward. I feel duped because this specific Zelda title is designed like a phone game. Small chunks of content repeated over and over to keep you hooked. The exploration and combat aren't the problem. It's everything else.

wonderfulmonkeyman65d ago

If it were that barren and empty and bad, you wouldn't have played it to completion.
We can smell that bs from here.

LordoftheCritics65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

If you think Zelda is overhyped, then every other game is horseshite.

Anyways, replying to the author. Hoepfully you can read it under this pile of flamebait.

My gf has 300+ hrs in, i have 250+

Its nothing short of legendary.

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PhoenixUp66d ago

Just wish there were more effective methods to preserve all these saves

porkChop66d ago

For me personally, that's the biggest problem with the Switch. SD card backups should have been there on day 1.

Neonridr66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

did Nintendo say that Zelda wouldn't support Cloud Saving?

Cobra95165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Re: save backups thru firmware, I don't think it's going to happen. The reason they're denying us that basic need is to prevent hacking and cheating. They're not going to back down, even though it's clearly a self-serving anticonsumer move. Neither am I. The funny thing is that an ironclad hack or mod that would allow me to back up my saves regardless of firmware updates would probably lead me to buy a Switch, because otherwise I want one.

Neonridr65d ago

@Cobra951 - it's one thing for Splatoon, which relies on some online rank vs say BOTW which is tracking your progress in the main game.

zombiewombie65d ago

Even if they allowed cloud saves, yoi have to maintain a sub so your save doesnt get erased from the cloud. Complete bs!

Cobra95165d ago

Ironically, the best version of the game for preservation purposes is on the WiiU. It allows full backups. The inability to back up saves in any way is what finally spoiled my plans to buy a Switch. I can't live with that deficiency.

Neonridr65d ago

maybe it will be added in a firmware update down the road. I mean how long did it take Sony to finally support external hard drives on the PS4?

King_Noctis65d ago

I cant believe I had played this game for more than 100 hours. Not alot of games can keep my attention as long as that.

DrStronk65d ago

Played the game for 200 hours and never once did I feel bored. The game is just genuinely fun.

leahcim65d ago

I am playing it on my wii U...
How the hell can I see the time counting that I am playing until now ?, I suppose it is explicit on the switch version though...