Diablo 4 – When Is It Coming Out?

There have been rumours circulating for years around the mythical Diablo 4, and for the first time ever, we may have some real evidence that a sequel may be coming out within the next few years. While there haven’t technically been any official announcements from Blizzard regarding a new Diablo, the current state of affairs with Diablo 3 paint a promising picture for those who have been waiting almost a decade for a new game.

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Relientk7764d ago

Hopefully sooner rather than later. I've already been waiting years for D4

Razmiran64d ago

Im guessing blizzard will announce something big in blizzcon?

Cmv3864d ago

A surprise announcement of releasing within the next couple of months would be the greatest announcement ever

Jdoki63d ago

I really hope so, as I love Diablo, but I'm not sure I can see D4 coming any time soon.

My main reasoning is that we've only just got D3 on Switch. Surely if they had been working on D4 all this time, and it was close to release they'd have ported D4 instead of D3?

I know there's the argument that D4 is probably going to be a step up in terms of minimum specs compared to D3 on PC, so maybe the Switch wouldn't be able to handle it - but Bliz games are usually incredibly friendly to lower end hardware.

Hope I'm wrong, as it's been too long since D3!

JoshuaMPascoe63d ago

Would love a new Diablo. Stopped playing 3 due to all the hacked items.

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