Game Informer: Far Cry 2 Review

Game Informer: "Far Cry 2 is one of the most ambitious game releases in years. It nabs the gold medal spot for the biggest and most expansive first-person shooter ever, with a sprawling world filled with options, upgrades, and missions. Sadly, it's also plagued by a combat system that rarely elevates itself past basic gunplay. The game's open nature belies a core combat experience that doesn't change very much as the game progresses. There's a huge amount of content, but the straightforward nature of the fights makes those events blend together, particularly since so many battles occur for no reason whatsoever."

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Lifendz3703d ago

Seems like this game is going to deserve a rental first. I don't mind a 3.5 install, but I only have so much time to play games with school getting closer and closer to the finals.

Will_Smith3703d ago

amen bro... I really really want this game but i already have Rock Band 2. then Little Big Planet is not to far off and soon Fallout 3 will arrive.

and about the midterms, i have a 9 page paper to write =( fall is starting to get crammed

psnDevistator3563703d ago

OMG this games awesome

The Map Editor is F*CKing insane

Check out the level I made

villevalorox3702d ago

I just have to say this game is amazing.
online and off

robotnik3703d ago

I will buy it when the price comes down.

nqabassist263703d ago

Good review, although I was expecting a little higher than an 8 flat.

I'm still gonna pick this up as soon as I got spare cash.

theEnemy3703d ago

I already have the game.

Looking forward to it playing tomorrow.

lekun13703d ago

why can't this game get a 9? I mean graphics and gameplay looks really nice. So whats really wrong with it?

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