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Game Informer: Far Cry 2 Review

Game Informer: "Far Cry 2 is one of the most ambitious game releases in years. It nabs the gold medal spot for the biggest and most expansive first-person shooter ever, with a sprawling world filled with options, upgrades, and missions. Sadly, it's also plagued by a combat system that rarely elevates itself past basic gunplay. The game's open nature belies a core combat experience that doesn't change very much as the game progresses. There's a huge amount of content, but the straightforward nature of the fights makes those events blend together, particularly since so many battles occur for no reason whatsoever." (Far Cry 2, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

Lifendz  +   2253d ago
Seems like this game is going to deserve a rental first. I don't mind a 3.5 install, but I only have so much time to play games with school getting closer and closer to the finals.
Will_Smith  +   2253d ago
amen bro... I really really want this game but i already have Rock Band 2. then Little Big Planet is not to far off and soon Fallout 3 will arrive.

and about the midterms, i have a 9 page paper to write =( fall is starting to get crammed
psnDevistator356  +   2253d ago
Its a buy
OMG this games awesome

The Map Editor is F*CKing insane

Check out the level I made

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villevalorox  +   2253d ago
I just have to say this game is amazing.
online and off
robotnik  +   2253d ago
I will buy it when the price comes down.
nqabassist26  +   2253d ago
Good review, although I was expecting a little higher than an 8 flat.

I'm still gonna pick this up as soon as I got spare cash.
theEnemy  +   2253d ago
I already have the game.

Looking forward to it playing tomorrow.
lekun1  +   2253d ago
why can't this game get a 9? I mean graphics and gameplay looks really nice. So whats really wrong with it?
Ali_The_Brit_   2253d ago | Spam
Syndicated  +   2253d ago
These reviewers are dumb, seriously the game is above an 8. At least I would say it is a 9 in my opinion.
Slinger420  +   2253d ago
This review is not accurate. This game has great gunplay, breathtaking graphics, amazing environments with dynamic day and night cycle and weather system, great sound, good storytelling and thematic elements, oh, and did I mention the amazing fire propagation. It never gets old throwing a molotov into the dry African grass and watching the fire spread and smoke to leave a charred ground. These guys are definitely way off and shouldn't be reviewing video games and they just lost credibility with me. Funny how this game has been receiving average scores of about 8.8-9.3 and these two half wits give it some of the lowest scores the game has seen, morons. I only trust IGN anyway, they gave it a 9.0 and Gamepro gave it a perfect 5/5, Game Informer also gave Assasin's Creed a 9.5 so that proves my point, TOTAL MORONS !! Oh, they also gave Battlefield Bad Company a 9.25 and that game is a freaking joke, way to go GAME INFORMER, YOU'RE TOTALLY INCOMPETENT.
trancefreak  +   2253d ago
I believe you man i dont go the way of the reviewers sometimes
trancefreak  +   2253d ago
I think im going for the pc version my pc needs some attention. + 49.99 save 10 bucks while so many good console games are coming out that are going to make me super broke.

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