LittleBigPlanet 6.3? Metacritic Responds to Low User Score in Ripten Interview

In response to the reaction many gamers had to LittleBigPlanet's 6.3 metacritic user score, took some time to sit down with Marc Doyle, the founder of Metacritic.

They asked him for clarity regarding the score itself, how user scores/reviews are handled, and what plans the site has in the future to prevent this type of obvious fanboy nonsense moving forward.

Read on to hear what Marc had to say...

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Twizlex3702d ago

Who cares about metacritic anyways, especially the user reviews?

Nostradavis3702d ago

publishers care about metacritic. alot.

theKiller3702d ago

have better metacritics than metacritics!

N4G shows all reviews that is posted in here which includes even japanese reviews while The metacritics shows very few selected reviews and ignore many perfect scores for ps3 exclusives

dro3702d ago

this just shows how big little big planets is. If any body gives the game a low score every one will know his just an 360 fan boy. this game was proven to be AAA when they did that power point show at E3. hate it or love it LBP is here and its gonna be among the top games in this gen so far.

morganfell3702d ago

Beep! Beep! Beep! Damage control Will Robinson! Damage Control!

"Humans take the time to read those reviews."

What an idiot. They hear the news and 99% of the people surf there and see the two scores and that is it. What an idiot.

Bye Bye Metacritic. You should have done something before now. Too little too late.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Damage control Will Robinson! Damage Control!

lawman11083702d ago

REALLY? REALLLLLY? I think that all of you Sony fan boys do when they lay egg on ANY 360 game! What a loser, Little Big Turd wont sell like every OTHER "Just wait for..." game in the words of Nelson..."HA-HA"

ThatCanadianGuy3702d ago

Im guessing lawman has brain damage

GiantEnemyLobster3701d ago


Lelouch V Brit3701d ago

LittleBigPlanet 6.3? Wow it has a low score. But who care about reviews?

BLuKhaos3701d ago

poor bots and they're crusty vaginas.they're just trying to blow some steam because Big Bill won't give them anymore of they're daily ear fu(king,

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greeneggsnsam3702d ago

Finally, a redesign. Metacritic is a hunk of junk at the moment.

Nostradavis3702d ago

I'm pretty sure that metacritic is very important to publishers and they dont really care what the site looks like

Rick Astley3702d ago

Bitter 360 fanboys are funnay. They rate down LBP just 'cause the GOTY for 2008 will be a PS3 game lol. It's inevitable, ya know. Just go back to playing Fable 2 with your floaty characters and mediocre graphics.

kevnb3702d ago

its certainly not important to the movie and music industry. Publishers should be worried that people will want to buy their games, period.

cwir3702d ago

Now Gears of War 2 is getting it...

As a comment I'm just going to quote Stanislaw Lem, the guy who wrote Solaris:

"I had no idea how many idiots are there in the world, until I started to use the Internet"

ReBurn3702d ago

Yep. First it was Halo 3. Then it was LittleBigPlanet. And now Gears 2.

I'm thinking that many of the comments are going to be "that's what 360 fans deserve" or some other blathering drivel. Anyone who rates a game low out of spite is a loser.

Perjoss3702d ago

I always thought that metacritic scores were based on the reviews from gaming sites alone, I had no idea that the average joe (in this case idiot fanboys) had a say in the final score. Metacritic is officially useless to me now.

ReBurn3702d ago

Users have no input into the aggregated critic score. The number that people are complaining about is the average of user ratings. The user rating don't impact the critic score at all.

Montrealien3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Marc Doyle wrote...

(This is a gaming community, and if people want to stuff the ballot box, there’s not much I can do at this point. When we upgrade the registration requirements for participation on the site in the near future, this type of thing won’t happen. We’ll post the full legitimate user reviews upon the game’s release. As always, thanks for using the site.)


(we won’t be clearing those old scores from LBP when it launches, but we will only post reviews from people who have clearly played the game. All the reviews from fanboys and haters who haven’t played it will just be left out. That is true for all products on Metacritic. Humans actually read all of those user reviews (so we can delete profanity, spoilers, etc.), and those humans are told not to post reviews from people who clearly haven’t played the game.)

N4G admins need to take a long hard look at what meta critic is doing, same should apply to these comment zones. LBP looks like a great game with lots to offer, it does not take a degree in rocket science to see this, and it`s still a day one purchase for me, despit the User score which is clearly exagerated. But what happened on Metacritic is proof of the bad image fanboyism can give to the gaming community as a whole. Creating an open zone to let this live in does not help the problem, as gamers we should stand up and take a stand to this stupidity. We don`t need it, let them create their own forums to go hate in, gaming site should not even acknowledge them.

marinelife93702d ago

This is ridiculous and very simple and easy to fix. Why Metacritic won't fix it is probably because they are enjoying the extra site hits the controversy is bringing.

GEOW 2 as well?? sheesh.

orakga3702d ago

Dude... I dunno...
I thought for sure that MGS4 would be GoTY, but after playing R2, LBP (beta) and Dead Space (retail), I'm actually very torn.

MGS4 is still very high up there. It's a really strong contender. But the other three games I mentioned are also soooo good, and have their own unique strengths that I really don't know what would qualify as GoTY this year.

I think it'll all depend on who decides, because they are all so very good. Personally, I'd still pick MGS4 though. That game is pure art, and so perfectly refined. But it's a toss-up indeed.

Oh, and you can forget about GTA4 being GoTY this year. I think we can all agree on that at least.

Stubacca3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I'm with you man. It's been a great year for games, and GTAIV certainly doesn't deserve Game Of The Year.

MGS4 has to be the best possible option. It's already my favourite game ever and is as close as games have ever came to art. It's better than most films. But I expect LBP to open up a whole new style of gaming, so you never know.

This story angers me though. Folk hacking away at the user score just through bitterness. I wouldn't even think about giving a game a score unless I had actually played it. It's a sad time for gamers when folk do this sort of stuff. And yes, in my opinion, although I don't condone it, Gears 2 deserves everything it gets.

Megatron083701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Its amazing how far sony fanboys will go to try to keep their so called "AAA" game reviewers high. I find it sad that they need to censor reviews of games just to make it look better. Though guess I cant blame the fanboys them for then censorship placed on mgs4 when it was Konami theirself that censored all the reviews. Reviewer couldnt talk about load times on that game or bugs and had a min score they had to give the game just to be allowed to review it how sad is that. Though I surprised that other companies havent started doing this too.

I guess when you have a 400-600 dollar system with exclusives that are midcore at best you want to do just about anything to feel better about spending that money.

"Gears 2 deserves everything it gets." Just remember you said that when it gets goty again

BWS19823701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

it's about muting the fanboys, like apparently you, because nothing of merit exits their brains. If people spend money on a console, and don't regret it, love it, have fun...then how are they wrong? Get over it. You bash away on the console you obviously didn't choose, give us all one good legitmate, logical reason fanboyism makes sense. We'll wait.

I disagree with the Gears 2 hating in the user reviews just as much. Where will it end? Killzone 2? God of War 3? Gears of War 3? Halo 4? It won't end, that's my point. Anybody signing up to do the Metacritic user-hating crap isn't spending enough time playing games and I've said it before, it makes as much sense as racism. Do fanboys also say "I only associate with people of ____ color, the others are mediocre"?

Ital50Stal3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

If PS3 fans only have LittleHypePlanet to look forward to this christmas...Im gonna feel really bad for them.
Like ive been a gamer since genesis and i cant understand why this game is getting all this attention. Is it the 30 second puzzles and the fact that you can make ur own crappy levels? How long till you get bored? Im sorry about this wont draw someone in for as long as a RPG or a good shooter(half-life, halo, bio, etc..) This game should have been a Xbox live or PSN download, not a disc game. And who cares about the online community? you are actually gonna play some cheese level some kid from iraq made?
No story, no hard puzzles (GOW has puzzles, not this), graphics are just okay for a sidescroller...Im not hating, but i just dont see why its getting these amazing reviews. This is Halo 3 like hype!!

maybe because the puzzles last just as long to complete as the people playing it do in bed ;)

ps..Gears2 or maybe MGS4 for GOTY

calis3701d ago

I love it when people say 'I've been a gamer since .... days" or "I have both consoles so I am neutral" as if it makes their opinion so much more worthy.

Guess what, no one cares and it makes no difference whether you have been a gamer since the stone age or having all consoles known to man, your opinion is mostly invalid when you say stupid, untrue things like '30 second puzzles'. Until you bring up valid points and back them up with actual truths you're just an idiot with a keyboard and no one cares when you started gaming.

BWS19823701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

as most side scrollers, the "sack people". The reason *I* think it's great is the ability to create levels, characters, vehicles, enemies, or even simulations, and the fact it's a first for a sidescroller to come with it packed in to this degree. I don't think it'll be "from a kid in Iraq", from what I've seen the outlook is very positive for level creations on the horizon, there's already a good bunch of them from the beta that show some are really nicely done. Many gamers are creative enough to perfect and hone a level, and I'm guessing by next summer there'll be a slew of great ones, and many more useless ones. But the point is this: Everyone can make them, no matter how they turn out.

3701d ago
sloth4urluv3701d ago

fanboys are lame, Ive never had the desire to lower the score of another game jsut because its not on my system or console.

Ital50Stal3701d ago

"I've been a gamer" does actually matter because unlike you, i dont need to play my games at the local hick town wal-mart entertainment department. Ive been a gamer for awhile so ive seen innovations and great games come out on my different systems..this is not one of them. You as a "i need to steal my internet connect from starbucks to be a 360 troll on n4g" wouldnt know anything about gaming.
Id suggest taking a point of view of a non-fanboy and look at it for another side, what is this game really offering and whats is its ACTUAL playback value, not the value of downloading some random garbage level from some kid, and what kinds of reward is there for completing the game? (there is no plot or character development thus this is an example of a non-artistic game)
So maybe next time dont make stupid comments towards others and be nice because I bet all those walmart employees are extra nice to you because your the special kid from down the street whos parents are first cousins..
PS..if you make a sad face and stand next to a console, maybe someone would buy it for you...good luck buddy :)

BWS19823701d ago

and I don't know why you're saying "there's no story", most of us know the basic story premise. It's not Bioshock or Mass Effect, but it's not supposed to be. How do you know there's no reward, have you beaten it? You keep alluding to these "crap levels that kids make", and the games not out yet, so such assumptions are futile.

calis3701d ago

It's even funnier when tosspots like Ital50Stal - who never knew I existed before 10 minutes ago - starts analysing my life as if he has known me 20 years.

Proof you are just another idiot with a keyboard.

Tarasque3701d ago

If the Sony fanboys thinks the game is so great then WTF do they care what score or review it get's.

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Keele3702d ago

Ps3 fanboys got pissy because of that and are lowering Fable 2's userscore too.

robotnik3702d ago

and now xbox fanboys get pissy because they are lowering the feeble 2 userscore too

Keele3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

No, it just shows that you're no different from xbots even though you claim you are, Robotfag.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

'Keele' sent me a PM yesterday saying 'SUCK MY B*LLS'!!! ;-D
I'm sure a xBot Zombie Lemming will do it for him!!! ;-D
They like taking it up the @SS from Micro$oft day in day out!!! ;-D

It's a FANTASTIC time to buy a PS3 now to anyone who hasn't got one yet;)

+Just think what you could be playing now and in the future -
PS3 ONLY Games -
MGS4, LBP, WipeOut:HD(STUNNING Game!!!), Uncharted, Resistance 2,
KillZone 2, MAG, God Of War 3, GT5, MotorStorm 2:Pacific Rift,
White Knight Chronicles, GT5:Prologue, WarHawk, Uncharted 2,
MotorStorm(NO racer on the xBox 360 looks and plays as good as this still???),
Ratchet&Clank:TOD, Resistance, Metal Gear Online, PJ:Eden,
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POOR POOR xBot Zombie Lemmings!!! ;-D SH*T SCARED of this Game!!! ;-D

+I never look at Metacritic really, i'm not bothered what internet + mag Reviews say, if i like the look of a game or liked the Demo i'll buy it;) I'm glad i have my own Brain!!! ;-D

morganfell3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Yeah, PS3 fans should have taken it like a man. If I go through your posts will I find Xbot fanboy comments? Oh yes I will you little worm.

Fable 2 be damned. Retaliation. That's the difference pal. Too bad you can't see it in the middle of your worthless RROD Defense Squad actions.

Keele3702d ago

Ken's just emo 'cause I hurt his feelings and told him how much I cared if he ''blocked'' me.

@Dmack : Because this is my final bubble and cannot proceed to post it there I'll say it here. I'm probably 20 times more intelligent than you are. Losing a few braincells does nothing to me, because unlike you, I have millions of other braincells packed in this powerhouse.

@Isaac : I'm not saying Xbots aren't stupid. I'm sure they are. But you must know as well as I do that Xbots really aren't the problem on this website, this website is a perfect example of Sony fanboyism and stupidity in quantity. In almost every article there is a ''Feeble sux'' ''360 Game sux'' ''RRoD'' ''Xbox sux'' ''lolyears of snore!!'' but I don't see much trashtalking about the Ps3. They only appear to defend themselves.

The problem at the start might have been Microsoft but now it's Sony. It's like you got beaten so bad with a stick that you developed an endless grudge you can't put aside.

One more thing, I'm not an xbot.

GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago

Not only Fable 2, look at Gears of War 2.

I still think it was Wii fanboys who lowered LBP score not 360.

dukadork3701d ago

loadsa xb!tches are scared sh!tless of sackboys & sackgirls.
xb!tches are gamers who need a dildo upgrade cuz their asses have expanded

hey xpu$$ies:

LBP poops on your entire lineup and spammin metacritics ain't gonna change anything

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name3702d ago

Wow, n4g gets mentioned in a lot of news articles.

LastDance3702d ago

Fck YEAH!!...were famous.......

BlackTar1873702d ago

Bring in the people : )

I think its cool this site is getting reconigze like this i have actually turned on more then 20 people to this site and they love it once they get use to the format.

Sorry off topic but not for this chain.

Good Gaming to all and to all a good fight

GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago

What a shame considering this site represents the lowest filth of gaming..


BWS19823701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

it wouldn't be if fanboys would get a hobby (apparently gaming isn't one of theirs).

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GameDev3702d ago

and will end with anti-fanboy legislation coming from our halls of power.



Nostradavis3702d ago

I personally think the whole fanboy thing is ridiculous. I think gaming as a whole should be celebrated and we should be happy to live in the era that we do.

Montrealien3702d ago

the fact that someone has dissagreed with that statement, and that probably more will, blows my mind Nostradavis.

wallace10003702d ago

The disagree against Nostradavis just shows the level of maturity of some N4G members.

BlackTar1873702d ago

I totally agree. Awesome post. Games are made for fun so have fun. I say it over and over again if you gusy get your wishes then gaming will suck.(Fanbo** that is)

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