Could Anthem Be BioWare’s Redemption For Andromeda?

BioWare seems to be pulling out all the stops with their upcoming IP, with Anthem looking like a grand apology for Andromeda.

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Chaosdreams66d ago

A proper apology would've been to either continue supporting and improving Andromeda, or releasing a sequel that went above and beyond.

A new IP does nothing in the way of apologizing.

ravinash65d ago

It was a good way of putting a nail into Mass effects coffin so no one asked for it again.

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WitcheRivia65d ago

There is no redemption when you're owned by EA (or Blizzard for that matter).

gazgriff2k1265d ago

i loved andromeda and im not going to apologise or change my mind

bluefox75565d ago

Unlikely, certainly not from what I've seen so far.

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