Ripten: Shaun White Snowboarding: Hands-on Preview

Ripten writes: "With all of the first-person shooters flooding the market this coming holiday season, Shaun White Snowboarding offers a different sort of entertainment. With help from Olympic Gold Medalist and eight-time X Games Gold Medalist Shaun White, will this game be one that satisfies both hardcore gamers and snowboarding enthusiasts? Hit the jump for my hands-on impressions.

I was lucky enough to be previewing the Target version of Shaun White Snowboarding for 360 and Wii. Extras include a Target mountain with five extra trails and an open lodge area for your character to mingle with others. This version claims to have 20% more content than the regular version of the game but costs about $5 more. A pretty good bargain if you ask me. Besides the Target Mountain, there are four other locations: Alaska, Park City, Europe (Alps), and Japan. Fully customizable characters were only available in the 360 version (and I think it's safe to assume this feature will be in the PS3 version as well)"

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