Timespinner Launches on PS4, PS Vita September 25

Hi everyone! After five years of part-time development and four years of full-time work, Timespinner is finally coming out on PS4 and PS Vita on September 25, at the price of $19.99. Hurray!

Timespinner is a story-driven adventure inspired by classic 2D platformers from the 90s. The game’s story follows Lunais, a young woman who travels through time in order to seek revenge on the empire that killed her family.

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Neonridr67d ago

backed this on kickstarter a long time ago. Can't wait to finally play it. Might also play it on my Vita so I can take it with me (instead of my PS4).

Fist4achin66d ago

Is there going to be a physical release or just plans for digital?

Neonridr66d ago

digital only at this point I believe.

Bismarn66d ago

Yeah some new Vita releases....oh wait, its just another 2d sprite platformer that could have come out for the PSP. Did all indie/kickstarter developers stop playing videogames in 1996?

TakeABreakGamers66d ago

Sounds like you are triggered. :)