The Spider-Cop Problem

"‘Spider-Man’ on PlayStation 4 is a thrilling game and a naive, dismal representation of the character’s—and New York City’s—relationship with law enforcement" The Ringer says.

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ArchangelMike65d ago

Wow. I don't think I read anything so overly pretentious. Talk about over thinking the game to the point of absurdity.
Not every game is a commentary on real life ffs. Get over yourself and enjoy the game for what it is. A Game!
It's not social commentary, so stop trying to turn every game into fking social commentary.

NecrumOddBoy64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

This is just another blog piece riding on the coattails of Kotaku's article written by an insane progressive leftist transgender social justice warrior. This is the type of political driven garbage we get from Kotaku and others who create a divide because they are so mental and warped they feel the need to disband news or even opinion for identity politics and social justice propaganda. It's a comic book game AKA fiction for Peter Parker's sake, and this is our world today, attacking our medium and using it as a platform to push an agenda. I'm sure these idiots will crawl into their safe spaces, pop a couple tide pods in their mouth and cry on Twitter why Spiderman (a white heterosexual male figure) is a cancer on society.

Eiyuuou64d ago

“an insane progressive leftist transgender social justice warrior.”

That’s quite a mouthful.

Obelisk9264d ago

Can people just let this game be, PLEASE

sampsonon63d ago

i am with you in regards to the fact that it's just a game and people need to chill out. but i think, like the writer of this article, the anti - social justice crowed overly makes a mole hill into a mountain. i consider myself a centre left social justice warrior, but even i cringe when people make something out of nothing because it tarnishes the fight for serious change that is needed in our society. like that female cop should spend her life in prison for killing that guy in his own apartment. now that would be better time spent writing an article about, not this bull.

Veneno63d ago

This is just like the absurdity over Last of Us 2. People making up problems that aren't there.

HeisenbergX63d ago

@Veneno unfourtinately The last of us 2 is a totally different story ohhh you are so wrong about that one

rainslacker63d ago

So it's been a long while since I've been to New York. But does New York have some sort of contentious relationship with the NYPD? I know there have been some recent instances of police brutality reports, but 2017 had the least number of police shootings ever in NYC.

Last I recall New Yorks, and even most of America's relationship with the NYPD was coupled with other first responders and that was of great respect for their actions and deeds during the 9/11 attacks. I'm sure that's settled down over time, although firefighters and EMS still seems to get a ton of respect everywhere, but have New Yorkers become so hateful of police that it requires a game to somehow represent a hugely jaded society that I personally haven't seen to be prevelant anywhere other than some hyperbole by media outlets which conflate everything to epic proportions through over-generalization, and using anecdotes to paint a view that simply doesn't exist.

Hardiman65d ago

Gotdamn boy it's a game based on a comic! Jesus some people just take stuff way to serious!

UCForce64d ago

This is why I hate this social media.

trooper_63d ago

Exactly. I don't know what the freaking issue is.

Hardiman63d ago

It's not a multi platform game!

vikingland164d ago

Hey, author , quit trying so hard to make something out of nothing
It makes you look dumb.

Inzo63d ago

And we all know you never go full retard.

CarlDechance64d ago

There is no problem. You are just trying to invent one.

ILive64d ago

Was this really necessary though?

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