Okay, But These 5 Games Definitely Got a Graphical Downgrade Though

There have been complaints levied at the new Spider-Man game from Insomniac Studio about its visual quality versus what was shown in trailers and previews. While in this case, it’s a little dubious, Spider-Man looks great, but this practice is certainly not uncommon. Let’s take a look at five games that when released, definitely did get a graphical downgrade from their original footage.

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Nyxus66d ago

The Killzone 2 E3 trailer was a target render and it was actually meant for internal use only, but was shown at E3 for some reason. It was never created as a means to stoke fan excitement, as this article claims.

Gardenia64d ago


And also everything Final Fantasy VII showed in trailers is in the game. No downgrade at all

Godmars29064d ago (Edited 64d ago )

How can something be "in game" when said game has yet to be made?

Everything shown so far for FF7r has been scrapped. Even character designs are being reworked.

Gardenia64d ago


Clearly you didn't watch the trailer. Everything in this trailer is in the game, and some of it looks even better

bouzebbal63d ago

KZ2 wasn't downgraded.. OK the face were but the rest was simply better in every way.. Compare the M82 design from the trailer with the final build.. It's day and night.. Environments are also much more rich in the final game.. Haters are always gonna hate..

Babadook763d ago

Yah, FF VII there was no downgrade. They showed CG which the game did have, but before that they showed gameplay shots. And they were real.

Harkins172163d ago

@Godmars. Nothing in FF7R was scrapped. Stop believing rumors.

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CrimsonIdol64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Might have been but that certainly wasn't what Sony or Guerilla were saying at the time. Took em at least couple years to own up and start spinning it that way (well after launch) while they were plenty happy with all the major gaming news sites accepting it as gameplay footage. Everything Sony showed at the end of their press conference was utter bullshit but presented as in game or in engine. There were constant arguments online after about it, trying to convince people it was total CG

VenomUK63d ago

The article title is an argumentative response to ‘the industry’ agreeing that Spider-man wasn’t downgraded. Imagine that, a fanboy writer is upset that he can no longer complain that Spider-man WASN’T downgraded!

stuckNhere4Good63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It didn't take a couple of years to set the record straight, it only took about 3 days...

I wonder why members of the gaming press weren't as eager to report what Phil Harrison said, as they were to spin Jack Tretton's mix up of Resistance and Killzone (3:05 - 4:15... ) into a "controversy".

None of what was shown was bull$4!t. Working titles that released as final games were representative of their respective trailers.

CrimsonIdol63d ago

Read that again mate. He wasn't saying anything about it being "target renders" or anything like that, he's saying that the trailers weren't running on machines in real time because of the format of that segment. He's masterfully misleading the interviewer here too. When they ask how representative those trailers are he says "very" and that they're all done "to spec". He's alluding that they're running on dev-kits with similar hardware representative of the PS3, not that they're complete and utter bullshit like MotorStorm and Killzone 2 clearly were.

stuckNhere4Good61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

He didn't mention 'target renders'; but he did say, "virtually everything used in-game assets; some things were rendered"... That's basically what a target render is -- game assets in a rendered production presented as video to give an idea of what a game should be representative of.

I didn't get the impression he was trying to be misleading. I took "to PS3 spec" to mean that PS3 would be capable of representing what was seen in the rendered Killzone and Motorstorm video footage -- fluid animations, volumetric lighting, volumetric particle effects, physics simulations/interactions, depth of field, motion blur and 4D textures ( , , 36:37 - 39:47... ) -- to a "very" high degree.

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Rude-ro64d ago

Surprised forza 5 did not make that list since it was even being sold the week of release on the tonight show with higher fidelity build that was obviously not running on the Xbox one.

But the previous gens and downgrades were something of the norm per marketing at the time.
I never once was excited for halo 2 for the target render that was shown off, I was excited because it was a sequel to the best FPS at the time.
This gen though was a little harder to swallow because instead of fancy trailers etc that most would ignore, the higher fidelity graphics were used to sell the actual games as were shown off vs “this is our goal” type of approaches of yester-year.

obidanshinobi64d ago

Yeah yeah.
Sony already had a track record of showing fake gameplay videos for upcoming games before that trailer.

Rude-ro64d ago

They ALL did.
Per marketing, not “fake” gameplay.
This gen was started with pc builds being passed off as the retail versions and even the pc version were downgraded at release.

TekoIie63d ago

"It was never created as a means to stoke fan excitement, as this article claims."

Then don't release it. Even in the clip, it was presented as "content" that was "early in the development process". The blame doesn't lie with Guerilla but with multiple parties within the marketing team and a few higher-ups within Sony that should've been making sure things like this don't slip through.

Obviously, it was not in-game at all so calling it a downgrade is in some ways misleading. The trailer itself, while not created with the intention to be misleading, ended up being exactly that. I'd also ask if there was any point before 2017 that Guerilla or Sony came out and set the record straight. Because waiting a decade to say "yeah this wasn't actually in-game" is a damn long time to clear up the mistake.

stuckNhere4Good63d ago

The record was set straight ~3 days later... , but no one cared.

TekoIie63d ago


Except that what they said 3 years later (which you accidentally posted lol) isn't even mentioned in the article with Phil Harrison. So the record is hardly cut and clear because they can't give a clear answer.

All they needed to do was say "we made a mistake that wasn't in-game". Instead, they went with "well it is off-video and running to the PS3's specs".

stuckNhere4Good61d ago

There was no need to... Saying, "virtually everything used in-game assets; some things were rendered", automatically means the video footage wasn't in-game.

That's why the follow-up question: "How representative of what we're actually going to be seeing in PS3 games were those videos?", was asked -- the interviewer understood that what was shown in the video footage wasn't in-game.

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Uken1263d ago

Wrong, Killzone 2 was shown by Sony. It's a first party title. Sony knew what it was and showed it as what PS3 games will look like. Creating huge excitement for graphics that the system was nowhere near capable of pulling off.

The list isn't the best. I could think of other games. Dark Souls 2, Watchdogs, Halo 5 and more.

Kornholic63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I don't understand how people can say with a straight face that Killzone 2 was downgraded. That 2005 E3 trailer looks like absolute shit compared to the final product.

Uken1262d ago

Because it WAS downgraded. How the can you pretend it wasn't? It's clear as day. No PS4 game looks as good as a CG Cutscene trailer being paraded as in game graphics. Doesn't mean the game is bad or anything. Companies should be called out for falsely promoting the games graphics to generate more sales.

Is it as bad as something like Halo MCC on XB1, hell no. At least they launched a good game that was fully realized and worked. And just because a game gets a graphical downgrade, doesn't make the game worse.

Kornholic62d ago

Killzone 2 looks better than the trailer. The trailer is laughably bad yet Killzone 2's graphics are pretty good even on today's standards. I don't believe for a second you have even seen a comparison video or anything.

stuckNhere4Good63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

That's right, and the person Angie Smets talks about in the video you linked is Jack Tretton. This whole Killzone "controversy" began when he mistook Insomniac's game (I-8/Resistance: Fall of Man) for Guerrilla's.

From 3:05 - 4:15 of this video... he can be heard referring to Ted when talking about Killzone. Ted Price is the founder and CEO Insomniac... Jack was confused...

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sander970264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I remember Ubisoft trying to gaslight people saying: "There's no downgrade!" while there so obviously was a downgrade, real Orwellian stuff they try to pull all the time.

Vegamyster64d ago

They still had a bunch of the E3 graphics options hidden in the PC version, that was the cherry on the cake lol.

FITgamer64d ago

Pretty much every Ubisoft game this generation.

Prettygoodgamer63d ago

Watch dogs was my biggest downgrade disappointment this gen easily.

Blastoise66d ago

This website is so bad. Might be space for advert #244 in the top right corner somewhere

64d ago
ShadowWolf71264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

"A little dubious"

There was objectively no downgrade, why do these sites keep acting like it's up for debate?

SirJoJo64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Because it is. It is an absolute fact that in some areas of the game there has been small but noticeable downgrades however, there has also been small but noticeable upgrades so yes it is objectively up for debate.

CarlDechance64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

What "noticeable downgrades"? Are you including moving a puddle of water, the changes to the Spider-man suit, and other aesthetic changes as downgrades? Be specific.

Dragonscale64d ago

The actual absolute fact is that DF debunked that bullcrap.

SirJoJo64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I'm talking about, volumetric fog, realtime reflections. diffused shadows, traffic and crowd density from hight. These things have been noticeably removed or reduced from the original 2016 showing but on the other hand, resolution, lighting, visible interiors when scaling buildings, screen space reflections when web swinging around the city, bokeh depth of field and over all picture quality has been added or been improved.
Actually they did not, they just seemed to omit certain aspects for some strange reason.

CarlDechance64d ago

Hmm, what is your source for that, SirJoJo?

OB1Biker64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

DF are competent and professional. It does happen they can be biased sometimes but if they lied they would lose all credibility
So excuse me but I'll take DF confirmation that there s no downgrade but an upgrade instead over Sir JoJo
Besides its kinda funny all the fuss some people make about resolution but here with the fact of a substantial resolution upgrade they go as if that doesn't matter or pretend it's not even graphics related. Whatever resolution upgrade is a big deal, not like some tree that was there and is there or not there anymore.

SirJoJo64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

My eyeballs and years of pc gaming turning these features off to get better performance. I'm playing on the pro hooked up to my LG B7. I checked the 2016 footage and these are things that stood out to me but I also noticed the improvements.

AspiringProGenji64d ago

Your eyeballs and PC experience are not a credible source. You are probably just attached to the first teaser you saw and think there’s a difference, which there is but nothing to scream downgrade. If this puddlegate thing never happened you wouldn’t notice anything.

CarlDechance64d ago

Sorry, but I don't recognize you as a legit source.

ShadowWolf71263d ago


"Excuse me, but I play with the settings menu on ALL my PC games, so I THINK I'm qualified to debunk these professionals with equipment designed to find this stuff, thankyouverymuch!"

TKCMuzzer63d ago

Some people think the earth is flat just because their 'senses say so'. It does not make them a scientist. It makes them manipulate what is known to be proven by years of resaerch in order to make their theories seem believable.

This is what is happening here, people with none or little experience in the design of video games telling those who make video games they don't know what they are talking about.

SirJoJo63d ago

If someone's senses tell them the earth is flat, then I'm sorry that person cleary has a disability. What I'm saying has no relation to your extreme analogy, it literally takes 2mins to go on YouTube and checkout the 2016 trailer then checkout the exact same footage from the released game, you will notice that the specific things i mentioned are reduced or removed from the final game. Notice that not one time did I say the entire game was downgraded, in fact, I pointed out a lot more upgrades than downgrades which is why I said it is up for debate. IMO the game looks better overall but I'm not going to stick my head in the sand and pretend that the things that were removed or reduced wouldn't have made the game look even better than it currently does.

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