AMD CEO describes key gaming partnerships with Sony, Microsoft

Jim Cramer discusses Advanced Micro Devices' meteoric rise with the executive that made it happen, Dr. Lisa Su.

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masterfox90d ago

We all know the Playstation sauce will be actually the hot one ;)

darthv7290d ago

MS has the most to gain next gen after their 'Vista' xbo. The 360 was like XP, successful and even the og xbox would be like 95/98. while the xbo is clearly the Vista of the bunch. That means they will come back strong with their xbox "7" (of sorts) to regain respect.

slate9189d ago

Cant wait. Next gen going to be sweet

CarlDechance89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Let's just hope they don't repeat that Windows 9 debacle again.


badz14989d ago

the only good thing about the X is, it's going to push Sony to mandate 4K60fps as the minimum for next gen. anything less would be an embarrassment for the PS5 since the X is already not too far from achieving that feat in many recent games.

S2Killinit89d ago

Im sure MS will do everything they can but i think the way they have run their gaming business has left a foul taste in many gamers’ mouth with their focus on PR campaigns and lack of focus on games. Im sure MS will come out swinging as they always do at the beginning of each generation but they will again run out of breath halfway through the generation.

Godmars29087d ago

Meh. Launching well before anything else was the key reason why the 360 is considered a success. And then, even with that "success" it should say something that in general many talked or brought up the general end of consoles.

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mysterym89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

We all know that the playstation will be hot - and noisy lol!

S2Killinit89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

But its the xbox that will break on you because its so cool ...

Vizigoth0489d ago

Lol nice. On topic, I like interviews when a CEO or president of a company actually sits down and shares the meat and potatoes of where they're that, who their partners are and just be human for once. Not just a bunch of PR representatives or "Spokesperson" of the company. I feel we get factual news when it comes from the source. The people who work hands-on with the product.

OB1Biker89d ago

I hope its the usual sauce ; the exclusives.
I like how she says they have a special sauce to... 'sell' their consoles.

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MusashiBlack90d ago

AMD is the real winner here. No matter the sauce, they are getting paid.

badz14989d ago

but according to nVidia, it's not really worth it because the return is not THAT high and AMD is scrapping the bottom of the barrel just to make money and break even with the console deals as they are getting stomped in the PC scene. I don't know how much of that is true or if that's just jelly talk. but they are very eager to push out their unused X1 chips to be used by the Switch. hmm...

Mr_cheese89d ago

Somehow I doubt that having a deal with consoles that joinlty sell over 100m is not bringing in any returns worth sticking around for...

purple10190d ago there sauce is already hot. And getting hotter next gen as developers will be experienced with the tech in the above article.. It's been used in pc gfx cards for quite some time. Now sonys devs had a 3 year head start in utilising it to maximise the teraflops available.

Kribwalker90d ago

And where are the big gains, the leveling that was supposed to happen based on that. Because we haven’t seen any real benefit of it as the OneX seems to dominate the comparisons between games

Srhalo90d ago

Does it matter? PS4 is still selling 3 times as many consoles and around 5x as much software. These multi-platform games used in these examples still sell 2-3+ times as many units on Sony hardware.

CarlDechance89d ago

Hmmm, guess you would have to play Sony first party to see the "real benefit". Cuz the difference in console games between Sony first party and everything else is pretty obvious.

sizeofyou89d ago

So a newer and more expensive console outperforms an older, cheaper console?
Yet they both play the same multiplat games - and barring a very few console exclusives, there are a far greater number of other exclusives available on the older cheaper console. Along with an entertaining punt at VR.
I've got both X and Pro. The X is a great machine and I do tend to multiplat on it (especially single player).
But if I could only have one console, it would have to be the PS. It stands to reason that it does what the X does almost as well, but opens up two additional gaming streams. In my case, I'd 'only' lose Forza. Sensational racing games but not to outweigh the other platform exclusives.

mrmikew201889d ago

Stop reaching bro, you’re making it seem like the X versions are vastly superior over the Pro versions, when it’s not.

No one cares about those trivial differences except the fanboys and DF.

neutralgamer199289d ago (Edited 89d ago )


real power of the console is always on display via exclusives


they got nothing else but the power argument and cross play and all that power is being used to play games via backwards compatibility

what some don't understand is sony has had success because of their exclusives every generation it's not rocket science. Make excellent AAA exclusives and gamers will buy your console. Gamers know the fact that sony consoles receive world wide support because xbox just doesn't have world wide appeal

Zeke6889d ago (Edited 89d ago )

You seen anything like Horizon: Zero Dawn, God Of War, Detroit: Become Human or Spiderman on your precious Xbox ?! PS4 /Pro seems to dominate the comparisons when we talk real console graphics. Sony got great games that are fun to play AND they look gorgeous. What more can a PS-owner want ?!

ImGumbyDammit89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

"3 times as many consoles and around 5x as much software"

Fish tales. Numbers always get bigger with you guys. Next it will be 10x as much. Strange that Sony's actual gaming revenue doesn't reflect that twice as many sold consoles and that imaginary five times as much software sales you claim. According to each companys actual financials full gaming revenue for this last year netted over $10.35 billion in gaming revenue for Microsoft. You would think selling 3 times as many consoles and that 5x as much software yearly as you say they did Sony be at least double Microsoft's gaming revenue at $20.7 billion in revenue (or at least in the ball park). Not even close. Sony is only getting around 66% more total revenue (not even double) at $17.2 billion revenue for the same 2018 financial year. Now explain to me with all that talk of triple of this and five times sales of that why Sony is not reaching that double revenue stream from gaming revlative to Microsoft? Somehow either Sony is not selling what you think they are or Microsoft is selling quite a bit more than you are giving them credit. Either way Sony seems to be short $3 billion from reaching twice that Microsoft gaming revenue.

Zeke6889d ago

Wait wait, are you comparing M$'s income to Playstations as usual ? M$ win over Sony in income, PS divison smashes Xbox divison as they are going minus for the 5th year in a row now. Why do you Xbots ALWAYS compare apples to oranges to make your false comments come out as the truth?!
While PS shareholders benefit from the success of PS and it's games, M$ shareholders are told to hang on because Xbox divison is building for the future. They get scammed just as the Xbox owners who still wait for all those big exclusives that M$ don't even seem to have started programming.
M$ = promises, promises and more promises
PS = delievers, delievers and so on...
I can't understand how any sane person can believe in M$ after all these years of lies ?! Cloud, more games, VR... the list just goes on and on. M$ don't seem to wanna support Xbox divison for much longer so what happens to all Xbot's if they sell it off ? Are you still going to praise M$ ??
But the console maker who really delievers are going to take all this crap from you Xboters, that's so sad tbh.
I don't know about you guys and girls, but I bought my console to play games and experience new adventures, not waiting for a multi-billion dollar company telling me lies year after year and blowing smoke in my eyes to cover the fact they don't want to spend money on their buyers, they just want to milk the crap out of them.
Stop defending M$ and they might shape up ! (probably not, but you, the Xboxers, can hope right.)

Vizigoth0489d ago (Edited 89d ago )

That's because Sony has different priorities. First and Foremost, the best games to consumers developers can possibly make. 2nd, give developers the best tools you can give them for the best price for the customer. Microsoft has the priority of First and Foremost Xpensive console first. 2nd another Xpensive console hopefully just in time for us to release some games people actually care about. In automobile comparison Microsoft has built the Lamborghini of Consoles with maybe a quarter of a tank of gas to fuel it. Sony on the other hand has given consumers a Ford GT full of gas with a fleet of fuel trucks to meet them at the race track. I bet you anything Sony is making more money on Software than Microsoft is on Hardware. I'm not saying Microsoft isn't trying to fix their 1st party Support but they are realizing now that it needs to be a priority. At least that's how they talk anyway.

Silly gameAr89d ago

I'm sorry Krib, but no one seems to care about that. Seems like people want games, and not "big gains".

Realms89d ago

@ ImGumbyDammit

LOL. This is why it's so easy to shut down stupid arguments that MS fanboys make, are you seriously comparing MS's total earnings vs Sony's gaming Division. If MS is making all this money why don't they invest any of it on the gaming division? MS is more interested in putting in place services with which they can extract as much money form every single user than they are in making good games.

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XiNatsuDragnel90d ago

PlayStation will always have sauce

Kribwalker90d ago

but i bet after the OneX, MS will be the sauciest next gen

Srhalo90d ago

All the x really proved was the power doesn't matter that much.

90d ago
IRetrouk90d ago

Not going off all the secret sauce they had this gen though eh?, how can we possibly know whos gonna have the better hardware untill they tell us, and even then power means nothing without games.

Kribwalker90d ago


I’m sorry, i must be mistaken playing the over 300 games i have on my console right now......

We can’t tell, but betting on it doesn’t mean we know, it means that i believe it will so i bet on it.

CarlDechance89d ago

"We can’t tell, but betting on it doesn’t mean we know, it means that i believe it will so i bet on it. "

That made no damn sense.

xX-oldboy-Xx89d ago

Kribwalker - I'll take that bet, even if the machines were exactly the same - Sonys 1st party would get the most out of it.

xX-oldboy-Xx89d ago

CarlDechance - Krib would be a very poor punter, I wouldn't take any of his tips.

ConsoleGamer89d ago (Edited 89d ago )


"All the x really proved was the power doesn't matter that much"

Yes if it did, ms wouldn't had to start a dirty campaign for userbase begging.

If it mattered, users would jump ship to xbox in vast numbers to experience games on "the beast(lol)". even if the differences to ps4 pro were significant, people would still chose ps4 over 1X, otherwise every gamer would have switched to PC a long time ago. But there a way more things, other than how powerful a device is.

SuperSonic9189d ago

Tell MS to make good AAA exclusives 1st

IRetrouk89d ago

How does the number of games you have right now take away from what i said? Without games to take advantage of the power whats the point? How many games out of those 300 push your console? Not many i know that, you could literally load up your original one and get the same experiance, and the same goes for the ps4/pro, the only difference is sony actually produce games to take advantage of the system, ms, not so much, so unless ms actualy pull their finger out and produce some compelling games a power lead wont mean anything.

81BX89d ago

I disagree with you. The X was more than power. MS knows they arent going to come close to catching sony in sales. The X is simply a start point reaffirming to the xbox fans... YES we are focused on gaming. It plays games beautifully. You have to put the X in context to what MS is trying to achieve. If they would've left it at the S I don't think fans would feel any bit of confidence in them

KickSpinFilter89d ago

Maybe but I feel if Sony adds PS4 BC at the launch of the PS5 (when it really matters), tweak PSNow to be an actual great service, dont do a dumb price, and have one of these huge games like TLOU2 come out at the launch of PS5 in's over. Time will tell. Power is not doing it just look at the sales of XB1,X,PS4, Pro. Switch. PS4 and Switch sell the most week in week out. Sure lots "o" power is a nice extra but that's not why people are buying consoles. Clearly.

CarlDechance89d ago

"The X was more than power."

No. It was just power. It would have meant more than power and would have been "reaffirming" to fans if they had brought along some top notch AAA first party games. But they didn't do that other than your annual Forza. Love Forza, but not nearly enough.

Tazzy89d ago

Well they have the most powerful console now and I own an Xbox One X and I haven't seen a huge difference in the games on my 4k tv the only game that did look good enhanced was Red Dead Redemption. They can have the most powerful console again but when it comes down to it they won't have the sales of the next Playstation or the exclusives Microsoft is even going to struggle with Nintendo and their new console by Nvidia. PS4 won't be caught by Microsoft or Nintendo and with the first model Xbox One the S and X they're still way behind in sales and Switch is picking up steam over 20 million sold. I look at your comment about the next Xbox being the sauciest however Sony and Nintendo have lower specs on their consoles compared to the Xbox One X and with that it shows the most powerful console isn't doing to well.

chiefJohn11788d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Fun fact: Xbox ones most requested thing on official Xbox forum was more power followed by backward compatibility. Ppl asked Ms gave.

nowitzki200488d ago

I just cant wait to see all the BS from MS next gen.. Its really great entertainment.

IRetrouk88d ago

Any proof of that chief?? Cause i remember it being games, nobody was asking for more power, we wanted games, the only time power was mentioned was when ms announced the x, again nobody was asking for another console, we wanted the one that we bought to be supported with first party content.

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Vasto89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

The Xbox One X was just a sample.

UCForce89d ago

But it’s not a beast. From what I remembered, Digital Foundry said PS5 will be a full power console and it won’t do another mid upgrade like PS4 Pro.

slavish089d ago

Wft bro tech always ages. If ps5 is 399 i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a ps5pro 4 years after gtfo

UCForce89d ago

@slavish Well, this was mentione back in 2017. Now there is a lot of rumors about PS5. But from what heard, PS5 is maybe using custom custom AMD aka Navi which is huge. I could be wrong, but I maybe think PS5 will be major step forward.

CarlDechance89d ago

Did Digital Foundry say they had a source at Sony? Cuz I don't see how they could possibly know that for certain.

Segata89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

How power is meaningless without compelling exclusives, that's why less powerful consoles are kicking its ass in sales from Sony and Nintendo.

CarlDechance89d ago

Aren't samples usually free?

Tazzy89d ago

The Xbox One S was a sample that was 4k and had a bluray player and then they develop the X with the sample I don't see a huge difference Spider-Man for PS4PRO looks better than anything I've seen on my Xbox One X.

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