Nintendo Switch Online begins September 18th

Nintendo writes on twitter:
"Nintendo Switch Online memberships will start on 9/18. You can sign-up for a 7-day free trial from Nintendo eShop at launch! We will introduce more information during the Nintendo Direct on 9/13."

Geobros6d ago

Finally!! I can't wait to start that service and play old Nes games!

paintedgamer19846d ago

Honestly id rather have virtual console than this... it doesnt need to explained how amazing it would be to play all my VC games on my switch anywhere i want.

execution176d ago

They'll probably introduce it. Down the line but call it something else so you'll have to buy the games all over again

The 10th Rider6d ago


I mean, that's what old Virtual Console was and yet people are still clamoring for it.

I do want the ability to purchase old games again, but I really think Nintendo needs to just put together an emulation software/storefront that can simply be ported from system to system, rather than redoing emulation for every single console. The software could have its own button mapping, allow you to emulate at higher resolutions and frame-rates, saving, etc . . .

They should even put it on PC and other consoles. I don't think there would be any problem with Nintendo releasing pre-Gamecube games on other consoles. If someone has never really gotten into Zelda or Mario and they then play Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64 on their Playstation or Xbox, then they may be inclined to pick up a Nintendo console to try the more recent games. IMO it could only benefit them.

Plus with the service on all consoles and being a software that can simply be ported over to the next generation when it releases, third parties would be much more interested in jumping aboard and they wouldn't need to re-license games when a new console comes out.

As someone who bought a number of games on the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles, I'd honestly be pretty dissapointed if they just put out the same type of virtual console they've had in the past.

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AWBrawler5d ago

You joking but I legit am excited to play ice climber online and see who else I can have suffer through those clunky controls with me and clear the whole game

Geobros5d ago

I am not joking, I am really serious. I want to play those NES games with my joy cons....

AWBrawler4d ago

Perfect! Add me then😆 I’ll PM you details

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Aclancy836d ago

I believe that all the consoles online subscription services are rippoffs so I dont use them and now Nintendos will be the biggest scam of them all. Even being the cheapest doesn't help the fact that they are holding the "virtual console" hostage by making you pay monthly to access retro Nintendo games. Also being held hostage are your save files... Freaking ridiculous. The new video game industry strategy is to take things you used to get for free and put them behind a paywall and Nintendo does this as well. The reason why these things get me so butthurt is because I love video games and Nintendo products and watching the thing you love die hurts...... your butt.

VendettaGamer5d ago

It's a service that comes at a cost. They spend millions in security and customer service alone.

Ciporta19806d ago

Why are people excited about starting to pay for something that is currently free? I'm not excited about it I'm pretty annoyed really.

wraith99995d ago

damn you getting retro nes games on your switch for free? thats wild lmk how

Ciporta19805d ago

Free? How do I get them for free? I'll ask again why are people excited about having to pay for online gaming which is currently free?

bobsmith6d ago

good time for mk8 dlc to get every1 to want to play online when it starts

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