The Armchair Empire: Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest Review

The Armchair Empire writes: "Multiwinia's single biggest problem -- and really it's the only one -- is a distinct lack of competition. More specifically, people playing online. For a game so centered on multiplayer this is practically a death knell; the only thing that saves Multiwinia is that the AI controlled opponents can put up enough of a competition to offset the lack of online players.

Even hosting games doesn't alleviate the problem. I spent almost all my time offline after many frustrating hours trying to join and host multiplayer matches. By even saying that I might be perpetuating the problem. After all, if no one else is playing online, why should you? You should though. Multiwinia is a very good, goal-oriented strategy game that is constantly in motion and demands your full attention while playing since the developers have incorporated modes of play that are almost exclusively associated with first-person shooters."

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