Here's How Big Spider-Man PS4's Open World Map Is Compared to Manhattan

Twinfinite writes "Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has made a big splash since its launch last week, with special praise piled on the superb traversal mechanics that allow players to sling their way around a gorgeous open world rendition of New York’s Manhattan Island. I’ve spent countless hours just roaming the city, which prompted me to examine the game’s open world map a little more closely."

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Community66d ago
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SuperSonic9166d ago

The amount of activity and interactivity in this game is immense. The attention to detail is is like no other game I have seen before.

King_Noctis66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I love the game, but it is a far reach to say that this game has more attention to detail than every other games in existence.

CarlDechance66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

"than every other games in existence"

He didn't say that. He said

"is like no other game I have seen before"

SuperSonic9166d ago

Well, the only open world game that can not be topped when it comes to attention to detail is Zelda Breath of the Wild.

CarlDechance66d ago

"can not be topped when it comes to attention to detail is Zelda Breath of the Wild." just lost me.

Imalwaysright66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


Please, name one open world game with more interactivity between each object in the world, the player and even the game's elements such as air, fire or water with other elements which result in gameplay mechanics. If you can name one then you'll also be naming the open world game with the most attention of detail. In fact you'll be naming games that are actually trying to simulate the real world in a somewhat realistic way the same way BoTW does. Of all the open world games I played, no game comes even close to Breath of the Wild so if you don't mind, I would like you to tell me the name of this game or games so that I can play them.

MasterChief362466d ago

The Kool-Aid is strong in this one.

CarlDechance66d ago


"name one open world game with more interactivity between each object in the world, the player and even the game's elements such as air, fire or water with other elements which result in gameplay mechanics. "

Attention to detail is a pretty broad subject. The attention to detail in Spider-man is NOT the same as in BoTW. I will agree that the systems at work in BoTW are impressive. But I found the world itself bland and uninspiring. The boss fights were awesome. The shrines were so good. The world? No that isn't a world I would ever care to go back to. But Spider-man's Manhattan? Yeah....that is a cool place to hang out, especially as Spider-man.

I'm not going to debate BoTW with you. Different opinions is all.

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JesusBuiltmyHotrod66d ago

It's a great game but..slow down on the hyperbole.

CarlDechance66d ago

Polygon wrote an article about the details. I wouldn't call it hyperbole. Especially when talking about SuperSonic91's perspective. How can that be hyperbole? lol

SuperSonic9166d ago

Look at ACG's 1 hour thourough analysis of yhe details and ester eggs, put into this game, bro.

Even for a scaled down NYC even trash cans have variety of colors and stuff.

Best virtual NYC ever. Better than Saints Row Sanfrancisco. Gonna check every nook and cranny of thos city.

IamTylerDurden166d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Then perhaps tell me how Spider-man is not amongst the most finely detailed games to date? Spider-man has incredible attention to detail, it just does. Detail throughout the city, decorated interiors when looking through windows in buildings, quality reflections on windows, enemies continuing to wiggle n twitch when incapacitated in a web/stuck to the wall, backstory on collectibles, squirrels and rats running about the city, impressive water physics with proper trails/reverberation/micro splashes and even Spider-man being able to swim. Web debris cascades out after webbing enemies, civilians asking for selfies, the newspaper/news channel reporting the latest event, chatting with/greeting/high fiving civilians, eavesdropping on civilian conversations, in depth Peter Parker gameplay including science and FEAST work. Tweets appearing on the menu, Avengers tower, numerous landmarks, easter eggs galore

SolidGamerX66d ago

Its not hyperbole when he's simply expressing an opinion based on what he's seen in the past.

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Vokun1366d ago

Well Grand Theft Auto V has amazing attention to detail in terms of environment, vehicles, NPC interaction, and just general immersion.

Flewid63865d ago

Even the way they talk about whats going on in the city on his social media feed was realistic AF.

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Einhander197166d ago

It’s a brilliant game for sure, for me personally would rather have more story than all these silly side missions and tasks.

Whatever23466d ago

Exactly ,what is actually the most important part of a game.

SolidGamerX66d ago

Get the City That Never Sleeps expansion.

Psychotica66d ago

Not me, I rather have more side missions and tasks. If I want to just sit there and listen to story dialog instead of actually playing a game I will go watch a movie.

Flewid63865d ago

Well at least you have multiplayer games to keep you busy. But RPGs are too popular for story driven games to all of a sudden disappear. lol.

Psychotica65d ago

Don't get me wrong, I do want some story just not overwhelmed with it.

BeardedDrachen66d ago

I find the radio towers, backpacks', kingpin hideouts, pictures, and research labs to be quite mundane. It should have had a longer story with a natural way to unlock areas.

ziggurcat66d ago

collectibles, and side stuff like the hideouts/research labs are always mundane in every game like this. it's why I get that stuff out of the way as soon as possible so I can focus on enjoying the story.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod66d ago

It was not mundane in GOW..then again that's GOW, one of the best games ever created.


Sorry buddy, but being someone who found all of the ravens, I can say that it was super mundane. It was the only time when platinuming the game that it didn’t feel enjoyable.

CarlDechance66d ago

Ugh.....ravens and artifacts. GoW is my game of the year but that part of the game wasn't that much fun. And you pretty much had to have a guide to find them all. It was cool that the map showed you how many of each were found in each area, but still requires a lot of backtracking and researching online or with a strategy guide to complete.

AspiringProGenji66d ago

Things maybe mundane or not depending of the people playing. I found a ton of ravens while doing the story because I was not just going in a straight line, but also exploring and looking around. They are nor hard to spot if you pay attention. Sure there are still many that are easy to miss and you would need a guide to get them all without looking too hard, but it is not impossibleto do it either.

Same with the artifacts... theybare actual ñly easier to find. I have played lots of RPGs already to know when a corner looks suspicious hiding a treasure/artifact, so I never stopped exploring and found a ton of artifacts too.

Something mundate would be more like collecting feathers in AC2, which is nothing like the Ravens in GoW

So imo Indo not find the collectibles in Spiderman mundame as much because of the traversal.

ShadowWolf71266d ago

lol the Tombstone sidequests weren't mundane

OpenGL66d ago

What games exactly are fun to platinum OMNIPOTENT? They generally require you to play the game in a way that is not natural.

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CarlDechance66d ago

I liked the kingpin hideouts and the landmarks. Backbacks....meh. Hardcore fans of the comic will enjoy those more than most I think. But they are optional unless you are going for Platinum trophy.

IamTylerDurden166d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I enjoy the hideouts and landmarks as well. What's not to enjoy? Even the backpacks are FAR better than most collectibles in games. There aren't an obscene amount of them and you get some actual backstory when finding them. It's a far better effort on collectibles than most games. Activision's The Amazing Spiderman had 700 comic pages to find, 700, and there were many more meaningless collectibles besides the comic pages to find. It was an exercise in tedium. By comparison Spider-man handles collectibles and side activities quite well. I never felt like i did in older AC games where all the activities were just boring and redundant. It's fun seeing NY landmarks and snapping pics, in-map combat challenges, civilian side missions, and even fighting thugs. I enjoy my time with Spider-man partly because the traversal is so spectacular it never feels tedious tracking down a pack because it's such a joy moving about the city.

AspiringProGenji66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Double post.


AspiringProGenji66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


The landmarks are fun because you can do that while swinging at least, and they show cool parts of NYC and Marvel heroes like tchalla building, Damage Control

Let’s stop using the word mundame for eveyone now people just because a website said it. Tje backpack stuff I agree, but at least traversal makes collecting tjem bearable


@OpenGL That was sort of my point. He said that collectibles in God of War aren’t mundane, but they are. There are pretty much mundane collectibles/activities in every platinum. Spider-Man, God of War, it doesn’t matter how good the game is.

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Hardiman66d ago

While my favorite open world is in the Witcher 3,I'm really impressed with Manhattan in Spider-Man! It feels alive with activity and is really gorgeous especially on the Pro with a 4K HDR tv!

pyroxxx66d ago

I actually want more backpacks,.. Cleared that before act 1 or two,... Think those were great snippets and worldbuilding,.. Bomb tasks are insane though, still a game I thoroughly love,..Will probably wait for NG+ and restart om the hardest possible. (trying to get trough DQXI) Game is just joy

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