TeamXbox: Age of Booty Review

TeamXbox writes: "Age of Booty is packed with a commendable amount of gameplay for an Xbox Live Arcade title. There's four player SystemLink and local play support as well as eight person contest via Live. Age of Booty also has a robust map editor which allows new entries to be added to the already beefy list of thirty preloaded levels.

Certain Affinity's XBLA effort seems to involve a bit more fun when playing as many humans as possible, mainly because the A.I. already knows the maps very well. These maps will be learned by human users over time, but the level of strategy needed to master Age of Booty on the hard levels is much higher than its whimsical visuals and sprightly soundtrack lead on. Fill a game with non-MENSA card carrying humans, and Age of Booty's gameplay becomes much more nerve soothing than nerve racking. "

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