Editorial: Why are so many People Upset over Fortnite’s Success?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Each generation of gaming brings forth a title that becomes far more popular than anything else and spawns a franchise of devoted fans an incredible success. We’ve seen the rise of so many franchises to do so such as Pokémon, Grand Theft Auto, and Overwatch are just to name a few that capture the world by storm and become beloved by millions around the globe. The most recent of these massive success stories comes is none-other than the free-to-play shooter in Fortnite, which has been a global phenomenon since launch. Just like every title before it, it is has garnered a large fan following, an abundance of riches and a whole lot of hate towards the series."

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Neonridr66d ago

Probably because they are fans of a different game (PUBG for example). Just like PUBG users / Fortnite users will feel threatened by the upcoming BR mode for BLOPS4 as it will take away their thunder.

Only natural I guess. Nobody should ever be upset because a game (or hardware as another example) is successful.

IamTylerDurden166d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I generally only see PUBG fans getting salty over Fortnite. H1Z1 is a solid Battle Royale, but i don't see their fans getting jealous. It's probably because PUBG is losing popularity and Fortnite is soaring. Fortnite overtook PUBG a while ago and people aren't happy i suppose?

Neonridr66d ago

it's not like PUBG is dead or anything though, so not sure why those people would even care. Success means healthy competition which forces the devs to improve upon their efforts. I think the BLOPS4 BR mode is going to be huge as well. Fortnite has the biggest advantage seeing as it is free to jump in.

LucasRuinedChildhood65d ago

The COD games usually safely sell over 20m though. That's a huge audience that may stray from Fortnite.

Madmoose65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Nah, that's not what I think at all. Most PUBG players that I have talked to or played with don't give a shit about Fortnite. Now I'm pretty sure that there's some PUBG players who take offense to the game, but let's not try & make this about them.

Especially when we see people here all the time crapping on Fortnite & mp in general when they feel that single player is being attacked. Or when even more were throwing shade at them for the crossplay debacle. Then there is the battle royal sucks in general crowd to consider. There's gamers from ALL points on the spectrum that are hating on Fortnite.

And yeah, I really don't know why? It is certainly entertaining, found its own niche and seems to be supported pretty well. No game is exempt from being hated on by some crowd out there though.

Edit: I find it so amusing how everyone always wants to bring PUBG into this. Like it was brought to my attention though, it seems that the game that is only on one platform currently that everybody seems to be bringing up as the cause of hate towards fortnite. Or, just constantly receiving hate itself in general. Certainly beginning to look a lot less coincidental and agenda-driven. Maybe when it hits other platforms will start to see that dissipate. 🤔😏

rainslacker65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Kind of odd though that there already seems to be this undertone of the BG genre/mode already being over done and old news. Despite only having two big titles in the genre, and only being available for around a year now.

Otherwise, I do think the exclusivity of PUBG on X1 helped seed some of this dissent towards Fortnite which is F2P and doing very well on PS. At least on here.

Beyond gaming sites, and console affiliations though, I don't really see a lot of hate towards the game, although still some towards the genre. They're both being played a lot, and I think the contention expressed in forums is not really a reflection of reality.

I personally still laugh at the people who act like the genre is overplayed and over-saturated already. I know it's only just begun, and will eventually just be another mode in a lot of games. Horde mode was much like this back in day, and it played out almost the same way, although it didn't have these modes released as singular games for people to pit against one another.

Chaosdreams65d ago

It's probably from a fear of viewing the competition as something that will threaten the longevity of the game they are putting all of their time and enjoyment into. If a player base leaves for something better then a game that could have lasted 5 years could die in 1, for example.

JEECE65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Probably for the same reasons people hate generic-sounding Top 40 pop music; they feel like there are such better, deeper options available so it's frustrating to see so many people latch on to something so shallow and so focused on aesthetics over quality.

yomfweeee65d ago

Fortnite is more shallow and has less quality than PUBG?

JEECE65d ago

I have friends that argue that. I've never played PUBG, so I can't say. I was comparing it more generally to all other games available right now. I guess I'm thinking of the hypothetical person who is playing Octopath Traveler (haven't played this, but it's a good example of a game that's apparently great) or Dead Cells and is frustrated to constantly hear about fortnitefortnitefortnite skinsskinsdancesskinsdances. Especially when so many people pretend to hate digital games and hate microtransactions but then they just abandon all that for a game based around selling MTs.

Kumakai65d ago

one thing i've learned is haters are always going to hate and the minute something gets more attention than other things, said haters come out of the woodwork. happened with fortnite, mac computers, iPhones, ms windows, and kanye west.

Goldby65d ago

i agree with you as long as you dont talk shit about total

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