Spider-Man PS4 Update 1.05 Patch Notes Here As New Game Plus Confirmed

From PlayStation Universe: "The Spider-Man PS4 update 1.05 is now available to download. Though the game already seems to run silky smooth, this is the fifth update since the game was released last week."

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IamTylerDurden191d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Insomniac working hard. The game has run flawlessly for me and i haven't even noticed the prior updates, but i'll take it. Spider-man has been a joy thus far, i look forward to story DLC October 23rd.

madforaday91d ago

I felt like I was close to the end (no spoilers). I went to the trophy list, I saw I am only in Act one....

Hardiman91d ago

It so much fun and I've been giddy quite a few times! I love the reflections Peter gives on some of the backpack items! I also dig all the iconic Marvel landmarks and his little remarks for each. I also love how the populace responds to Spider-Man!

UltraNova90d ago

Right on! But abovr everything else, the swinging mechanics...oh those sweet sweet swinging mechanics....

Inzo91d ago

Has anyone else noticed that Peter Parker has a close resemblance to U4 Nathan Drake?

Inzo91d ago

Take an image Peter Parker and place it side by side with Nathan Drake especially the one where he walks in on Elena. They could practically be father and son lol.

jocomat990d ago

He's right if you look at young drake. Peter Parker looks like the older version of young drake in number 4

Rimeskeem90d ago

As someone who played U4 4 times through I see almost no resemblance

lio_convoy91d ago

It's crashed on me a few times while streaming. Just seems to be related to mission endings when the game puts you back into the sandbox. Hopefully 1.05 fixes that up.

jukins91d ago

Crashed on me a few times as well. Two were random the other happened when I redeemed the pre order bonus midgame.

michaelknight3591d ago

yup i had that problem a few times as well

Gardenia90d ago

For me I had to restart 2 bases because some enemies got stuck behind walls and I couldn't kill them

xX1NORM1Xx91d ago

Glad for the stability updates had the game crash on my like 6 times and refuse to open a few times too but thankfully I haven’t lost any progress I’ve been having so much fun just swinging around and collecting things one of the best games this year easily.

ZeekQuattro90d ago

My game crashed once and I had to restart inside the F.E.A.S.T building at one time because Peter for what ever reason forgot how to use the stairs. It was like an invisible wall was in the way. lol