Sony Sneaks out a New Update for the PS Vita and PSTV: v3.69

Sony Sneaks out a New Updater for the PS Vita and PSTV: v3.69       For those of us that still use their trusty and all powerful hand held, the PS Vita, and for those that may use the PSTV to play vita games on their TV, Sony has pushed out a new firmware

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Araragifeels 69d ago

PlayStation should not even bother doing Firmware update outside of Japan to prevent the PSVITA from getting hack (unless to fix actual issue). They already gave up on both the handheld and owners. They should let the owner do whatever they want with their handheld just like the PSP.

Teflon0269d ago

I agree but they'd need to update every so often to keep up with ps4 changes etc.

himdeel68d ago

I disagreed and agree. Yes let us do what we want with the Vita. Yes continue to give updates to keep it in line with the PS4. I noticed my remote play has gotten more stable over the last two updates.

TheGamez10069d ago

Meh probably just stability and patch for exploits.

Fist4achin68d ago

I wish Sony would do another handheld and make it a true companion to the PS4 and maybe beyond. Oh well,...

JonTheGod68d ago

Vita already is a "true" companion to the PS4. What more would you want from it?

steven259768d ago

For it to have not been DOA and had more first and third party support.

Goldenhawk52168d ago

1) A better resolution. Playing PS4 games on a tiny, subHD screen is difficult as it is. Especially with certain games that have a small ui and icons.
2) Clickable thumbsticks and an L2 and R2 button.
3) More powerful hardware.

Fist4achin68d ago

What Goldenhawk521 listed.

TerminalGamer68d ago

The original Vita had a gorgeous display. They shouldn't have dumbed it down for a cheaper model.

FinalFantasyFanatic68d ago

They need to get the costings for it down, not lock people into propriety sd cards (I think this had a big factor in it's decline), actually support the thing and push games.

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tehpees368d ago

Vita had more potential then PS4. When it came out there wasn't a HD handheld with dual controls. It was a new and innovative machine while PS4 has just been an improvement over PS3 with not much changed besides companies finding more ways to nickle and dime people.

If Sony had only made people see how great Vita was and supported it properly with AAA games like they promised to things would have been very different today.