When will PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds come to PS4?

A PUBG PS4 release date will happen, it's just a matter of when, not if.

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Araragifeels 70d ago

It going to be to late by the time, it arrive to PS4. Especially that H1Z1, Fornite, and soon Call Of Duty is already going to take the spot for Battle Royale game.

UltraNova70d ago

It was too late before Blackout and Battlefield Royal, now that I've seen Blackout in action it looks to be everything PUGB ever wanted to be only faster. BO looks like a faster super polished PUGP in every way. Then we still have the Battlefield BR game coming and who knows what DICE has come up to.

Oh PUGB is definitely on notice....

gamer970d ago

While I agree with mostly everything you guys are saying, there is something pretty special about PUBG and I’m not sure if Blackout captures that or not. The amount of bullet drop at a distance, leaning, 3rd person view, the way the vehicles handle. There is something about PUBG that I can’t put my finger on, something that has made me play 500 hours of it. The fact that Blackout has such a nice framerate may be what differentiates and over-takes PUBG. But there is nothing new in Blackout in terms of gameplay that PUBG doesn’t already have and potentially do better. It feels like an optimized copy-cat, and I think that’s okay and I look forward to trying it out.

madforaday70d ago


I haven't seen many videos of Blackout, but there are perks in the game. There are zombies that drop loot. You can be in helicopters. I mean, those alone make Blackout different than PUBGs. We have COUNTLESS of military shooters that still come out to this day but no one blinks an eye. PUBGs wasn't the first, but yet people think it was the first.

daBUSHwhaka70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I believe its another team doing the BR mode not DICE.

chris23570d ago

lol? seriously? you think another mee-too-generic-shooter-experi ence will be something worth the while? mkay.

70d ago
Inzo70d ago

Does anyone even care? Seriously, I forgot this was still around.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod70d ago

LOL at PUBG , they totally botched the franchise by going MS ony for so long, which only made fortnite stronger on PS4..Idiots.

Vetgamer70d ago

Fortnite is free to play. Pubg was in game preview don't think Sony allow it.
Both have been a massive success.

70d ago
ChickenMan3470d ago

literally nobosy cares !! like always these game companies think partnering up with one console is a good thing when clearly it isnt. I would have bought this game last year but now there is no chance i buy its old and so many other BR games are out for ps4 once again microsoft fucks up

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The story is too old to be commented.