EA is going to keep putting loot boxes in its games

"Electronic Arts will "push forward" with loot boxes in its future video games, despite admitting that "all loot boxes are gambling." Yeesh. In an investor's call, CEO Andrew Wilson said that EA has worked with "all the industry associations" and with regulators across the globe to establish that programs like FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) are not gambling." Engaget says.

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AizenSosuke99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Well EA have fun not having the support of gamers, and not having my money.

UltraNova98d ago

Exactly they can keep adding all the MT they want I'll keep avoiding them like the plaque.

wraith999998d ago

thought they would've learned from BF2 (like they claimed they did) but if not thats okay, ill keep @ it lmao

boycott them until they finally accept the truth

UltraNova98d ago

Can you blame them for trying though? I mean they make millions off of MTs because a lot of gamers support them by buying them. Why stop? Its our fault in the end.

Look I love the BF games but I can no longer support such money grabbing tactics.

Frodosmugins98d ago

Yeh but I think most of their income comes from their sports games which will never stop selling because of their licensing deals...

Activemessiah98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

what i really wanna know is who are these people buying EA games after being clearly treated like crap... and why buy their games new instead of used..

Frodosmugins98d ago

The people who buy FIFA ever year probably couldn't tell you who made the game..

on_line_forever98d ago

Gamers should stop buying games from EA

kreate98d ago

So don't buy battlefield or anthem.

Crazyglues98d ago

Wait.... Someone actually thought that a company made and started for the sole purpose of making money was going to stop trying to make money the easiest way they know how to..... LMAO.... :)

Hold on let me go get my popcorn this is going to be good...

Retroman98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

So much for Need for Speed.
that was the only game I bought from Ea
we gamers need to stand up strong as Starwars fans did with Solo.
these video game company think we're blind sheeps go with anything they dish out........Ea need a Rude Awakening , with Great support come Changes.
Hope Anthem fail , maybe Ea will listen.

nexusx98d ago

sadly there are many idiots that will buy their games and the loot boxes that's why they don't care

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ziggurcat99d ago

so despite them saying that they learned a lot from SWBF2, they've not learned anything at all.

SierraGuy98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Nope, not a thing.

FIFA tells them they want loot boxes ...yes master loot boxes you shall receive...

Let's face it though, they jump at the chance because of their abysmal preorders of BF 5. Prosthetic arms, smaller maps and such in the beta point towards a blop clone.

Investors probably breathing down developer's neck and not even their fault.

TheSaint98d ago

Dice sold out to EA knowing exactly what they are.

elazz98d ago

They are delusional. In Belgium the chance games commission that is overseeing gambling and making policies asked for publishers to remove the loot boxes or get a gambling license (which would mean the games can only be provided to 18+ with account registration like online poker games or slot machines)

2k games is not providing any loot boxes in their games for Belgian consumers anymore however EA said that the committee is wrong and that they will keep the current practices in play. Now the government has to intervene and it will go to court.

CaptainObvious87898d ago

That learned that regardless of how many sensible gamers complain there's too many idiot filthy casuals out there, that have no idea of the value of money, that will happily to hand their's over for horse armour.

Relientk7799d ago

Ok, and I'll continue to not buy EA games

Bleucrunch99d ago

That is your right EA, can't knock you for it, but that means you can't knock me for choosing to use my money elsewhere.

AspiringProGenji99d ago

last EA game I bought was PVZ2, and it will stay that way

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