Happy Happyists No Longer Blue; The Mother 3 Fan Translation is Complete

Jillian Werner writes:

"Mother 3 LogoLet's be honest: all these 'shooters' and 'MMOs' and hardcore whatchamadillies you throw money away on are really just filler, killing time until your true purpose in life is once again accessible and, most importantly, readable. Everyone knows it. How you keep the scratch 'n' sniff stickers beneath your pillow, inhaling deep the SHROOOM! scent to keep the nightmares at bay. You can't enter a modern museum without shanking the abstract art that's bound to attack you. You're always on the lookout for Big Foot, but mostly because he's got such great jerky. You get a chill of nostalgia when someone offers you fuzzy pickles. Or even, someone offers you fuzzy pickles more than never."

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