SuperiorVersion: Gears of War 2: First 10 Minutes HD 720p

SuperiorVersion has the first 10 minutes of the Insane Difficulty mode, in HD720p.

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elshimiablo3707d ago

GFX looks bad and enemies have no AI

WildArmed3707d ago

+bubbles for the truth!
The end is soo bad 2 >_>
Cant epic get any good ideas?
So much for buying GeOW2 for my cuzin's bday.
I'll just give him Fable2 or NFS:underground

Lanoire3706d ago

What a damn disappointment hahaha! OWNED

Resistance 2 SMOKES this anytime of the day. R2 is bigger, badder and truly more bad ass than gears of war 1.1.

morganfell3706d ago

Do you notice some of the textures, okay, a lot of the textures have a bland cell shaded look?

Crazyglues3706d ago

I don't think it's fair to say it looks bad..

The game looks like it will still be fun to play and in all fairness this was only one area..

It's not fair to judge the whole game off of one area. Gears one was fun to play so there is no reason to think gears two will not be fun too, even if the ending sucks... The game will still be epic for 360.

I look forward to checking it out. Most PS3 fan's will say it sucks but if Gears of War 3 was to come to PS3 and 360 most PS3 people would embrace it and love the game...

It's actually a good game, their are much worst games out there, and even though I'm all over PS3 right now there is no way I would ever say Gears Of War 2 is a bad game.. (even after seeing the weak ending and not being that impressed by graphics from 1 to 2 I still know the game will be fun to play) -there is no denying that.

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Beg For Mercy3706d ago

the graphics might be pretty much the same but that gameplay looks fun

aggh im on fire3706d ago

Looks great, don't see what your moaning about. Oh yeah its not on playstation... i forgot.

SONYSLAVE3706d ago

Looks awesome the game looks like playing a bloody action packed movie, unlike any games on ps3

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demonddel3706d ago


DigitalEnemy3706d ago

Am i the only one that thinks this game looks kinda disapointing and certainly not up the the hype CliffyB has been raving about? Having seen the various leaks of ending etc this week and more ingame action my personal view is this is not the show stopper Microsoft is after and may struggle to match the success Sony will have with Resistance2. The problem is see is that its looks all very similar to the first game, brings nothing innovationally new, and still stuck with the same multiplayer limitions of the first game from 2006 (prob hardware limitations to be honest). It really is more like Gears 1.2 than Gears 2. Eventhough Microsoft are publishing this title, i think they should push Fallout3 just as much as i believe Fallout3 will be its saviour, and will be a 9/10 game and Gears2 will be 7/10.


i guess you haven't seen the KZ2 or R2 agmeplay yet

" Microsoft is after and may struggle to match the success Sony will have with Resistance2" - lolwut??? Gears2 will sell at least double what R2 will

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