29 Best PS4 Exclusive Games You Should Play

Cultured Vultures: Looking to find some of the best PS4 exclusive games? After whittling it down, we managed to pick our top thirty.

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william_cade97d ago

There's a bunch of hipster games on this list

william_cade96d ago

I play PS4 exclusively and they could have gotten away with just doing a top 10. Most of these are not must have
/should plays to me. Now, for a reasonable price they might be worth a look. But really, it seems like a smarmy hipster wrote this list. Could be wrong.

Master of Unlocking96d ago

I don't understand why Resogun isn't on that list when that dancing game is, except for the fact it's also available on PS3, but it's still a Playstation console, and the comments are a bit too sneering (but I suppose that's to be expected when the website is british), but It'll come handy if I ever want to complete my collection of true PS4 exclusives, I suppose.

DaReapa96d ago

Quote from the article...
"With that being said, here are the best PlayStation 4 exclusives that you can’t find anywhere else. That means it can’t be on Xbox One, PC, or even the Switch – heck, no other PS system, for that matter."

AsunaYuukiTheFlash96d ago

Persona 5 didn’t even make the cut 😂

raWfodog96d ago

Yeah, I was thinking how the hell you make a top 29 list and have some crappy-looking party games on it and not have Persona 5 on there? But then I realized they specified "PS4 exclusive" and P5 is also available on the PS3.