Conan O'Brien Visited Kojima Productions

Talk show host and former Simpsons and SNL writer Conan O’Brien visited Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima while in Japan.

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naruga95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

.. i remember back in PS1-PS2 days when Kojima was almost unknown giving small interviews in magazines and you thought "ok another japanese developer explains its game" ...and now its a damn mega celebrity

UltraNova95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

He is equal to none in the gaming industry in terms of fame. Now if only someone would convince him to write/direct a cyberpunk movie...

*Mind > blown

obidanshinobi95d ago

Why, his writing and direction is laughably bad, did you not play MGS5?

Good game designer though, maybe that's made him think that he's a good writer and director too.

MrChow66695d ago

As much as I love Kojima's games I think he is better off in the game industry, directing a movie is wholly different beast

UCForce95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

@obidanshinobi I think people complained about his previous games have a long cutscenes. He reduced it down significantly in MGS 5, so he put all cassette tapes in the MGS 5 which is about 6 hours long and better story than the main game. Here :

UltraNova95d ago

What??? Well lets agree to disagree. I love Hideo's writing even the convoluted weird stuff. You guys can keep watching Hollywood mass production/appeal films all you like...

ravinash95d ago

If there are people who don't like your writing, that usually means your doing something right.
Better that than making something with no soul and lifeless.

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ProjectVulcan95d ago

After Metal Gear Solid launched in EU in 1999 Kojima gave a short interview with the official PlayStation magazine at the time. They asked him why he came to Europe, and his answer was simply 'to check the game was actually out and on shop selves!'

That was one of the earliest ones I remember reading. I thought it was funny but he was probably serious about it, 1999 was another age.

rynodigital95d ago

Can't wait for the Death Stranding episode of Clueless Gamer with Norman Reedus