GameZone: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Wii Review

GameZone writes: "Sing it with me now; you know the lyrics "Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can." Now pay attention to the last two words "spider can." Obviously the Spider-man in Web of Shadows must have been confused because I'm sure an actual spider has already given up on Spider-man's most recent game. Web of Shadows looked to be a potentially great Spider-man game but the actual execution on the Wii leaves something to be desired.

The premise of Web of Shadows sounds great since it's supposed to be a darker Spider-man game. The City of New York has been invaded by symbiotes that have been cloned from Venom. The symbiotes have launched an all-out assault on the city which has resulted in a dramatic shift in Spider-man's life. During an encounter with Venom he was able to gain control of the dangerous black costume. This has resulted in all of the unwanted consequences associated with the black costume such as mood swings, uncontrollable rage and enhanced powers. With these powers he must take back New York from the symbiotes and Venom by any means necessary."

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