Sony Celebrates Marvel's Spider-Man Release by Throwing Bus Into a Lake in Italy

The Italian branch of Sony didn't want to feel left behind by Marvel's Spider-Man's hype train in New York City, so they came up with a... hype bus?

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Neonridr97d ago

lol, that's cool. I love when companies do stuff like this to help generate buzz. Sadly we don't see it often enough.

ferojetez97d ago

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Sayai jin97d ago

Sweet. It need to be done when the heavy hitters come out. I still remember Halo 2 (maybe Halo) where they had a motorcade and masterchief hoopla... Would like to see the with UC, GoW, etc.

Nyxus97d ago

Marketing costs money. If it's effective it's not wasted.

Abriael97d ago

Considering the old model and the lack of markings, they rented this from a decommissioning plant for very cheap.

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The story is too old to be commented.