GameSpot: Crazy Mouse Review

GameSpot writes: "The title screen describes CrazyMouse as "The epic journey of the mouse gastronomist." For those who may not know, a gastronomist is somebody who really loves food. Unfortunately, this game lacks taste and never expands beyond guiding the titular character around a series of monotonous twisting mazes. If you've played any of the Pac-Man or Bomberman games, you'll be familiar with the top-down view and winding, grid-based levels. Instead of a yellow puck or a squat demolitions expert, you guide a poorly animated blue mouse with a milkshake strapped to its back through passages to collect pizza, ice cream, and other appealing edibles in search of the ultimate food. Unfortunately that undertaking isn't nearly as challenging the search for fun".

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elshimiablo3701d ago

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