Game review: Dragon Quest XI is the prettiest game of the year | Metro

Japan’s most popular role-playing game gets a new sequel that returns to the roots of the series, but does it go too far back?

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PhoenixUp97d ago

To each their own

Some would say they prefer Ni no Kuni 2’s aesthetic more

Neonridr97d ago

not that this game isn't pretty in its own right, but it's hard to say things like this over some visual stunners like God of War.

definitely to each their own. Still a beautiful game.

playnice97d ago

Perhaps I misunderstood the title but there is a difference in my opinion between pretty graphics and technically superior ones like God of War's... I can appreciate games like Ni no Kuni and Dragon Quest for being aesthetically very pleasing without pushing any graphical effects forward

Neonridr97d ago

@playnice - oh definitely. I find games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Breath of the Wild, along with others like Gravity Rush and Octopath Traveler to be extremely eye pleasing, even though they aren't pushing photo-realistic graphics. There is a certain satisfaction for games like this. I can definitely appreciate the different art styles.

PhoenixUp96d ago

I was comparing stylized artistic games rather than ones based on realism

GameBoyColor97d ago

Wow square chose a bad time to release this. Not much hype at all. Im not expecting it to sell well just because it's a traditional jrpg going up against spiderman and some heavy hitters in october-nobember soon after.

vikingland197d ago

I agree with what you're saying but, I chose getting this over Spider Man. I know I'm the minority.

I've been enjoying the heck out of DQXI , got it Monday and I already have 30 hrs in it.

playnice97d ago

How would you rate it as an intro to the series?

vikingland196d ago

I would rate it 8-9 there are a few emotional sections in the game also.