Spong: Interviews Lionhead Peter Molyneux

Spong writes: "British developers don't come more legendary than Peter Molyneux: the man who co-invented the God game, built up his company Bullfrog into the biggest developer in the world before flogging it to EA and has continuously created innovative blockbusters since the 1980s. I managed to catch a brief 15-minute chat with him in London, as he publicised Fable II, one of the Xbox 360's biggest guns this Christmas.

As ever, Molyneux was in a garrulous mood, talking up his latest game – although uncharacteristically admitting that the first Fable copped some flak, partly because of his inflated claims for it. This time around, his hard-sell sounds more realistic, despite some descriptions of it in the forums as: "Fable with a dog," and what I've seen of Fable II so far suggests it is vastly improved upon its predecessor and should both satisfy the RPG-heads and bring a new generation of more casual gamers to RPGs. This is Peter's own take on Fable II – along with RPGs in general, future projects and the state of UK development."

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