Final Fantasy XV Sales Exceed 8.1 Million Units Worldwide

Square Enix has announced a new sales milestone for Final Fantasy XV today confirming the latest sales figure for the game.

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PhoenixUp97d ago

Although this is an impressive feat and I really commend Square Enix on their huge success, I still can’t believe I’d see the day where a mainline Monster Hunter game would sell more in less time than a mainline Final Fantasy game

DarkLordMalik97d ago

Monster Hunter always sold more than Final Fantasy if we talk about sales in Japan. This was the first time the series received such a huge push worldwide and it showed with the sales figure that has passed 10 million. When it comes to JRPG though, FFXV remains the undisputed king of the genre so far.

Killa7897d ago

Errr Dragon Quest is the latest one to knock FFXV but Persona 5 is JRPG king, if not RPG King

Godmars29097d ago

DQ not only came before FF as a franchise, if its still not happening, businesses are shut down in Japan on launch day of a new release.

Srhalo97d ago

Ugh, well congrats to S/E but FFXV was by far my least favorite Final Fantasy. I didn't care for the boy band characters the story wasn't great and it was broken up across tons of DLC and movies and the gameplay wasn't at all what I want from a Final Fantasy game. Skyrim and Final Fantasy should be different games.

Oh well as least Dragon Quest kept it real.

blackblades97d ago

I would buy it, but I'm waiting for them to be done with dlc and the real complete edition comes on ps5. Besides backlog is big so I don't buy games as much.

AK9197d ago

Congrats to Square Enix they really deserve it, they've been pushing this game like crazy and it seems to have worked.

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The story is too old to be commented.