Rumor: Resistance 2 Goes 100% Open Beta Tomorrow

FeedOnPS3 has received information that Resistance 2 beta will be going 100% open for all PlayStation owners as soon as tomorrow.

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lawman11083405d ago

So I do not think they would do that if it was just going to be open. See Sony douche force? I now have a reason to knock the dust off my PS3.

Nitrowolf23406d ago

cool, But dont we qore single buyer get in this the last week also?

PoSTedUP3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

how much would you guys pay to get into the beta? (i dont have any beta keys to give away btw) just wondering how much you guys are wiling to pay to get in.

Nitrowolf23406d ago

I would pay $5 on my Pre-order the beta Key is bonus that come with it, other then that nothing

Thoas3406d ago

Forget the boring bata. Give me the single player demo this week or next.

TrevorPhillips3406d ago

well its about time I've been registering for the beta like 4 times and haven t received its good to known that they are gonna release the demo

OgTheClever3406d ago

After missing out on the IGN key givaway by mere minutes I really hope this is true, especially since LittleBigPlanet was supposed to come out this week.

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The story is too old to be commented.