IGN: Top 10 PC Games That Should Go Console

There has certainly been little shortage of PC titles making to move over to consoles over the few generations, This current generation of machines has hosted a few formerly PC-only games, such as Civilaztion Revolutions, and previous rounds of consoles have taken hold of PC hits, such as Doom and Quake. However, there are still a vast number of games that remain wholly exclusive to PCs with nary the announcement of making the jump.

Many developers have their reasons. Current consoles maybe just don't have the horsepower to handle the best representation of a game, such as Crysis/ Other games perhaps don't lend themselves to the game controller, although clever decisions have managed to weaken this argument in recent years, such as the aforementioned Civilization Revolutions. And with that game as a prime example of how to re-jigger a game for the controller and remake an interface for a whole differ class of game, IGN has assembled a list of 10 PC games/franchises they would love to slide in to a console very soon.

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Zanzu3702d ago

IGN usually has pretty good ideas but I have some problems with the list.

Diablo 3 should be the top spot.

RTS should not be put on consoles, micro-management is far more efficient with a keyboard and mouse setup and would result in inferior gameplay on console versions.

But I do agree that consoles are in need of some quality RPGs and would not even mind seeing people play WoW for trophies and/or achievements (I don't know why that image is so hilarious to me)

Asurastrike3702d ago

World of Warcraft on console would me a nightmare. I remember having like 20 macros, and hotkeys when I raided.