NS, PS4 and XOne vs Wii, PS3 and X360 - VGChartz Gap Charts – July 2018 Update

The combined sales of the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been able to stay ahead of the aligned sales of the 7th generation. In the last month the 7th generation has closed the gap by 295,341 units. However, in the last 12 months the gap has grown in favor of the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One by 2.67 million units.

The 7th generation of consoles in its first 17 months sold 44.89 million units, while the the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One has sold 52.30 million units. The Switch, PS4 and Xbox One currently leads by 7.41 million units.

The 7th generation of consoles sold a combined 274.35 million units during their lifetime, while the 8th generation has sold 139.70 million units through March 2018.

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lxeasy95d ago

Glad to see our industry is more healthy than ever.

95d ago
blawren495d ago

I'm ok with lumping all of the currently available systems together and calling them current gen, but call it that instead of referrring to 8th generation which is the Wii U. Switch is 9th generation, which is a fact. ps5 and and xbox whatever if you don't want to call them 9th gen is fine. call them 10th and move on. I think the ps4 pro and xbonex are enough of an upgrade to justify it truth be told. At least be accurate on something.